CSVTU BE III Semester EEE Electrical Power Generation Syllabus

CSVTU BE III Semester EEE Electrical Power Generation Syllabus


Semester: 3rd  Branch: EE/EEE

Subject: Electrical Power Generation

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tut Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: 2


Prediction of Load:

Definition of connected load, maximum load, maximum demand, demand factor, load

factor, diversity factor, plant capacity factor, plant utilization factor, load duration curve, mass curve.

Choice of Power station and units: Types of power station, choice of type of generation, choice of size of

generator units and number of units.


Steam Power station:

Main parts and working of a steam station, characteristics off steam turbines,

characteristics of turbo alternators, steam station auxiliaries, steam station layout, super pressure steam



Hydro power stations:

Hydrology, hydrographs, flow duration curve, mass curve, types of dam, principle

of working of a hydro electric plant, tidal power plant, power to be developed, types of turbine and their

characteristics, characteristics of generators, power station structure and layout.


(A) Nuclear power stations:

main parts of nuclear power station principle of nuclear energy, main parts of

reactor, types of power reactor, location of nuclear power plant, layout of power station, reactor control,

nuclear waste disposal.

(B) MHD generation:

history of MHD generation, principle of MHD generation, MHD cycles and

working fluids, open cycle MHD system, closed cycle MHD system, advantage of MHD generation.


(A) New Energy Sources:

Solar radiation, Solar energy collectors, Conversion of solar energy into electric

energy, Solar hydrogen energy cycle, Wind mills, Tidal power generation schemes, Tidal barrage,

Environmental aspects of new and old electric energy generation.

(B) Economic operation of power systms:

Criteria for distribution of load between units of a plant and

between plants, transmission loss as a function of plant generation, loss formula coefficients, brief aspects

of load dispatching.

Text Books


1.Generation of Electrical Energy by B.R. Gupta, S.Chand Pbs.

2.Car, T.H., Electric Power Station, Chappman & Hall

Reference Books:

1. Elements of Electric Power Station Design by M.V. Deshpande

2. A Course in Electrical Power by Soni Gupta Bhatnagar, Dhanp

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