CSVTU BE III Semester EEE Basic Electrical Machines Syllabus


Semester :III Branch: Electrical & Electronics Engg.

Subject:Basic Electrical Machines

Unit –1 Analysis of Transformers



Revision of transformer fundamentals, Excitation phenomenon in transformers, switching transients,

autotransformers, equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, three phase transformers, phase groups, different

connections, three winding transformers, equivalent circuit.

Unit-2 Operation of Transformers

Parallel operation of transformers, connection from three phase to two phase, single phase and six phases,

open delta operation, back to back test, separation of losses, on load tap changing.

Unit-3 Principles of DC Machines

Construction of DC machine, Blv and Bli concepts, voltage and torque productions in DC generator and

DC motor, generated emf equation, generated torque equation, armature reaction in generator and motor,

flux and mmf distribution, effect of brush shift, compensating winding commutation, methods of attaining

linear commutation.

Unit-4 Principles of DC Machines

Types of DC generator, conditions of self-excitation, operating characteristics of DC generators, types of

DC motors, characteristics of DC motors, starters of DC shunt and series motors, methods of speed control,

losses and efficiency of DC machines.

Unit-5 Testing of DC Machines

Swinburns test, Hopkinsons test, retardation test, field test, separation of losses, plugging, dynamic

breaking, regenerative breaking, DC machine applications, parallel operation of DC shunt and series


Text Books for DC Machines

1. Electric Machines-I.J. Nagrath D.P. Kothari

2. Performance and design of DC machines-A.E. Claytor and Hancock

Text Book for Transformers

1. Performance and Design of AC Machines – M.G. Say

2. Electric Machines-I.J. Nagrath D.P. Kothari

Reference Books :

1. Electrical Machinery – Dr. P.S. Bhimbhara

2. Electrical

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