CSVTU Question Papers Professional Communication in English June 2007

CSVTU Question Papers

Professional Communication in English June 2007

Examination, May-June -2007


 Branch: AEi, Arch., Bio Tech, Chem., Civil, QSE, Elect, EEE, Ei, ET&T, IT, Mech., Mining



  1. (a)      What is meant by effective communication? Describe 7 C’s com medication .

(b)       Elucidate the process of communication between ‘A’ & ‘B’ and describe the various elements of communication.

(c)       Describe the various barriers in communication in general


  1.  (a)       Discuss the characteristics and principles of precis writing

(b)       Propose a layout of the various elements of a technical report and briefly describe the back matter elements

(c)       Write a notice inviting tender for construction of a hostel building of your institute , released by the director assuming any required data/information for the same

Unit – III

  1. Do as directed :

(a)       Change into passive voice :

Automation can make the work easy.

(b)       Put into plurals :

An engineer’s works out of route.

(c)       Insert “some” or ‘any’ :

Is there ………………..  petrol left in the fuel tank?

(d)       Insert ‘all’, ‘each’ , ‘every’ in the blanks if appropriate :

Let ………….  person go round the place and see for himself

what is like.

(e)       Change the following sentence in to a negative :

She puts on rather wired cloths.

(f)        Complete the following sentence with a clause beginning with ‘so’, ‘neither” or ‘no’.

His wife must not say anything to him…….his mother-in-law.

(g)   Combine the following pair of sentence using ‘who’, ‘which’, ‘whom’ whichever is appropriate :

(i)         The man gave her some new ideas .

(ii)        She met him a few days ago. Correct the following sentence :

(h)My foot is paining.

(i)He gave a speech,

( j) I said to him to go.

(k) l.won him in the race .

(I) Open the light.

(m) This is my first time to play cricket since a long time.

(n) i am ill since three months .

(o) He is wiser than me .

(p) This is a worth seeing sight.

Unit – IV

 4       .(a) Describe the principle of oral presentation. What factors would you bear mind

                 while going for an oral presentation before a large group

(b)   Discuss about the planning preparation and conduction of a meeting.

(c)  How should a candidate conduct himself during selection interviews?

                                                                               Unit –V

   5       (a) Discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of a telephonic conversation.

             (b) Describe the essentials of good listening.

             (c)Describe the use of audio — visual devices to make presentation more  effective

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