CSVTU B.E. VIII Semester Mechanical Engineering Vibration & Noise Control Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: B.E. VIII Sem. Branch: Mechanical Engg.

Subject: Vibration & Noise Control

Total Theory Periods: 50 Total Tutorial Period : 12

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80

Minimum number of class tests to be conducted: 2


Fundamentals of vibrations:

Simple harmonic motion, combination of two simple harmonic motions, beats, Fourier analysis

Single degree of freedom system:

Free un-damped vibrations: Equivalent systems linear and torsional, natural frequency estimation,

energy methods

Damped vibrations

Damping models, structural, coulomb, and viscous dampings, critically, under and over-damped

system, logarithmic decrement

Forced vibrations

Harmonic excitation, support motion, vibration isolation, critical speeds of shafts in bending


Two degree of freedom system:

Free vibrations of spring coupled system, general solution, torsional vibrations, two degree of freedom

mass coupled system, bending vibrations in two degree of freedom system, forced vibrations of an undamped

two degree of freedom system, dynamic vibration absorber, forced damped vibrations


Multi-degree of freedom system:

Free un-damped analysis.

Numerical methods:

Dunkerley’s, Rayleigh, Holzer methods.

Experimental methods in vibration analysis:

Vibration measurement devices and analysers, balancing of rigid rotors


Analysis and measurement of sound:

One dimensional waves in a gas, sound perception and the decibel scale, the ear, combining sound

levels in decibels, octave bands, loudness, weightings, directionality of acoustic sources and receivers,

directivity index


Noise control:

Noise criteria, sound absorption and insulation, noise barriers, acoustic enclosures, silencers


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