CSVTU B.E. VIII Semester Mechanical Engineering Production Management Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: B.E. VIII Sem. Branch: Mechanical Engg.

Subject: Production Management


Production Management

Definition, objectives, scope, benefits, functions of production management, place of production

management in an organization, types of production system, Product life cycle, product design and

development, production cycle.

Costing and Cost Analysis

Elements of costs, Break even analysis, Incremental costs, make or buy decision.


Sales Forecasting

Purposes, methods – Delphi, linear regression, economic indicators, time-series analysis, adjustment

for seasonal variations, moving average, exponential smoothing.


Production Planning and Control

Functions, Organization, Master Scheduling, Aggregate planning and strategies ,Materials requirement

planning, product structure tree, Routing, Loading Scheduling – forward and backward, Dispatching –

priority rules, Sequencing, Johnson’s algorithm for n jobs and two machines, Gantt’s chart, Bar chart,

Flow process chart.

Materials Handling

Principles of materials handling, unit load, Types of materials handling equipment, Relation between

materials handling and plant layout.


Material Management

Objectives and functions of materials management, Organization of materials management.


Objectives of purchase deptt. purchase responsibilities and organization, types of purchasing, purchase

procedures, Import and Export.

Stores Keeping

Stores management, functions of stores, classification of materials, standardization of materials,

identification and maintenance of layout of stores, physical control of materials, pricing of stores, issuing

of stores.

Inventory Control

Objective, scope and functions of inventory control, inventory control techniques, economic ordering

quantity, periodic ordering quantity, A.B.C. analysis, General idea regarding inventory control under risk

and uncertainty.


Quality Control

Difference between inspection and quality control, acceptance sampling, procedure’s risk and

consumer’s risk, operating characteristic curve for single sampling plan, AOQL

Quality of conformance, quality of design, economics of quality, SQC charts for variables and


Introduction toJIT manufacturing, kanban system.


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