CSVTU B.E. VIII Semester Mechanical Engineering Knowledge Entrepreneurship Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: VIII Branch: Common to All Branches

Subject: Knowledge Entrepreneurship

Unit – I


Entrepreneurship in Knowledge economy, abundant & accessible information,

implication, impact & consequence, knowledge based opportunities, aims, scope, and





Managing knowledge & intellectual capital:

Knowledge management, loss of knowledge, knowledge implementation, knowledge creation,

property intellectual capital.


Contemporary information problems:

Information overload, winning & losing barrier to entry, emerging issues, customers, investors,

myth of inevitable program.


Creating enterprise cultures:

Working with employer, organizing for entrepreneurship, unity & diversity, ten essential

freedoms, freedom of operation, effective issue monitoring, establish search criteria.


Becoming a knowledge entrepreneur:

Entrepreneur qualities, knowledge entrepreneur, challenge of launching new product, creating

launch support tool, examples of best practice.

Text & Reference Books

Amrit Tiwana ,The Knowledge Management tool kit, Pearson Education.

Lunlin Conlson, Knowledge Entrepreneur, Thomas Press.

Catheriue L Mann, Knowledge entrepreneurship, Oxford

Heinke Robkern ,Knowledge entrepreneurship,.

Bonnie Montano,Knowledge Management, , IRM Press, Londan

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