CSVTU B.E. VIII Semester Computer Science Engineering Software Project Management Syllabus


Semester: VIII Branch: Computer Science & Engg.

Subject: Software Project Management

Unit 1 : Fundamentals of SPM

Essential elements of Software Project Management, rapid development focus, What’s a project?,

Project vs. Program Management, PM Tools, Project Manager, Gantt Chart, Network Diagram.

Unit 2: Project integration management

Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human resource, Communications, Risk, Why Rapid Development, Four

Project Dimensions: People, Process, Product, Technology; Technical Fundamentals, Requirements,

Project Phases, Phases Variation, Classic Mistakes, PMI Fundamentals, Project Organization,

Project Selection, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement Management, Statement of Work

(SOW), Project Charter.

Unit 3: Planning

Project Phases, Time Allocation by Phase, Remember the 40-20-40 Rule, Concept Exploration,

Requirements, Analysis & Design, Development, Integration & Test, Deployment & Maintenance,

Lifecycle Planning, Pure Waterfall, Waterfall Risk, Evolutionary Prototyping, Staged Delivery, Process

Model, RAD, Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM), Planning, Planning Documents,

Product Documents, SDP / SPMP, Communications Management Plan. Work Breakdown Structures

(WBS), Estimation, Network Fundamentals, PERT & CPM Techniques, Gantt Charts, Partitioning

Project, WBS Types, WBS & Methodology, WBS Techniques, Estimation Methodologies, Effort

Estimation, COCOMO, Financial Analysis of Projects, Payback Analysis, Scheduling, Scheduling

Techniques, Network Diagrams, Critical Path, CPM, Task Dependency Relationships, PERT, PERT

Example, Milestone Chart.

Unit 4: Risk and Change Management

Risk Management, Project Risk, Types of Risks, Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Control, Risk

Resolution, Change Management, Change Control Board (CCB), SCM, Development Management,

CMM Levels, Document Analysis, Project Control, Progress Monitoring, Status Reports,

Programming Status Reporting, Binary Reporting, Earned Value Analysis (EVA), Derived EVA

Variances, Effort-Driven Scheduling.

Unit 5: Project testing & Project success:

Integration & Testing, Validation and Verification , Quality Assurance, Testing, Test Cases, Sources of

Defects, Black-Box Testing, White-Box Testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing,

Regression Testing, External Testing Milestones, Test Scripts, Static Testing, Automated Testing,

Test Tools, Load & Stress Testing, Performance Metrics, Test Metrics, Web Site Testing, Final

Stages, Migration Strategies, Project Recovery, Project Success.

Name of Text Books:

1 Project Management, A Managerial Approach. Jack R. Meredith, Samuel J. Mantel, Jr.

2 Software project Management,: A Concise Study, Kelkar, Prentice hall of India

Name of Reference Books:

1 Project Management for Business and Technology- Principles and Practice, Nicholas, Prentice Hall

Of India

2. Software Engineering, Pressmann, MHI

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