CSVTU B.E. VIII Semester Computer Science Engineering Artificial Intelligence & Expert System Syllabus


Semester: VIII Branch: Computer Science & Engg.

Subject: Artificial Intelligence & Expert System

UNIT I Overview & Search Techniques:-

Introduction to AI, Problem Solving, State space search, Blind search: Depth first search, Breadth first

search , Informed search : Heuristic function, Hill climbing search, Best first search, A* & AO* Search,

Constraint satisfaction. Game tree, Evaluation function, Mini-Max search, Alpha-beta pruning, Games

of chance.

UNIT II Knowledge Representation (KR):-

Introduction to KR, Knowledge agent, Predicate logic, WFF, Inference rule & theorem proving :

forward chaining, backward chaining, resolution; Propositional knowledge, Boolean circuit agents.

Rule Based Systems, Forward reasoning: Conflict resolution, backward reasoning: Use of

backtracking, Structured KR: Semantic Net – slots, inheritance, Frames- exceptions and defaultsattached

predicates, Conceptual Dependency formalism, Other knowledge representations.

UNIT III Handling uncertainty & Learning: –

Source of uncertainty, Probabilistic inference, Bayes’ theorem, Limitation of naïve Bayesian system,

Bayesian Belief Network (BBN), Inference with BBN, Dempster-Shafer Theory, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy

function, Fuzzy measure, Non monotonic reasoning: Dependency directed backtracking, Truth

maintenance systems. Learning : Concept of learning, Learning model, learning decision tree,

Paradigms of machine learning, Supervised & Unsupervised learning, Example of learning, Learning

by induction, Learning using Neural Networks.

UNIT IV Natural Language Processing(NLP) & Planning :-

Overview of NLP tasks, Parsing, Machine translation, Components of Planning System, Planning

agent, State-Goal & Action Representation, Forward planning, Backward chaining, Planning example

: partial-order planner, Block world.

UNIT V Expert System & AI languages:-

Need & Justification for expert systems- cognitive problems, Expert System Architectures, Rule

based systems, Non production system, knowledge acquisition, Case studies of expert system. AI

language: Prolog syntax, Programming with prolog, Backtracking in prolog, Lisp syntax, Lisp


Text Books :-

1. Elaine Rich and Kevin Knight: Artificial Intelligence- Tata MeGraw Hill.

2. Dan W.Patterson Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems- Prentice Hall of India.

Reference Books :-

1. Nils J.Nilsson: Principles of Artificial Intelligence- Narosa Publishing house.

2. Clocksin & C.S. Melish; Programming in PROLOG- Narosa Publishing house.

3. M. Sasikumar, S.Ramani, et. al.: Rule based Expert Systems (A practical Introduction ) Narosa

Publishing House.

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