CSVTU, B.E. VIII Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Watershed Management Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Watershed Management Code: 320880 (20)

Unit 1

Soil and Water, Issues related to plant life like composition of soil, water requirement of crops, necessary conditions for plant growth etc. Soils, their origin and classification.

Unit 2

Land classification for WM, Land capability rating, determination of land capability class, land capability and suitability surveys.

Unit 3

Soil erosion, problem, types, conservation, and control measures in agricultural and non-agricultural land. Water conservation and Harvesting, Agronomical measures in soil and water conservation. Examples and critical reviews.

Unit 4

Watershed Management, Approach in Govt. programmes, people’s participation, conservation farming,

watershed-management planning, identification of problems, objectives and priorities, socioeconomic survey,

use of tools like GIS.

Unit 5

Hill slope processes, forest and land use, hill slope conservation. Bad lands, bad land development.

Name of Text Books:

Watershed Management – J.V.S. Murthy (New Age International Ltd.)

Name of Reference Books:

Watershed Management – B.M. Tideman (———)

Modern physical geography – Strahler A.N. and Strahler A.H. (————)

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