CSVTU, B.E. VIII Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Water Resources Engineering – II Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Water Resources Engineering – II Code: 320812 (20)

Unit 1

Types of Dams, Suitability of a type of dam, Gravity dams – Forces acting on dams, failure of dams and

criteria for structural stability, Overturning, Compression or crushing, tension, sliding, principal and shear

stress, stability analysis, Elementary profile of a gravity dam, High and low gravity dams, Profile from practical

considerations, Design considerations, Openings in dams, Functions and Effects of opening, Joints, Keys and

Water stops in gravity dams, Foundation treatment.

Earth Dams

Types of Earth fill dams, design criteria, Causes of failures, Control of Seepage, Stability of slopes.

Unit 2

Spillways and Energy Dissipaters

Introduction, essential requirements of a spillway, spillway capacity, components, Types of spillways, Design

of Ogee Spillway, Energy Dissipation below spillways, Types of Energy dissipater, Hydraulic jump as energy

dissipater, Stilling basins, design of stilling basin, USBR stilling basins, standard basins.

Unit 3

Diversion Headworks

Introduction, Types of diversion works, location and components, Weir and Barrage, Effect of construction of

weir on the river regime, Causes of failures of Weirs on permeable foundations, their remedies, Bligh’s creep

theory, Lane’s Theory, Theory of seepage flow, Khosla’s theory, Design of Vertical drop Weir, Design of

Glacis Weir, Canal head regulator.

Unit 4

Regulation Works

Introduction, Definition of falls, necessity and location of falls, Design and comparative study of the main types

of falls, Cross regulator and distributary regulators, their designs.

Hydraulic Gates

Control equipments for out-lets, spillway gates, types, design criteria for radial gates, air vents.

Unit 5

Cross Drainage Works

Introduction, types, suitability, design of various types of C-D Works, Aqueduct, Syphon Aqueduct, Super

Passage, Syphon, level crossing, inlets and outlets.

Channel Transition

Design of channel transition-expansions and contractions, curves for sub-critical and super critical flows.

Name of Text Books:

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures – S.K. Garg (Khanna Publications)

Irrigation Engineering – B.C. Punmia (Laxmi Publications)

Name of Reference Books:

Irrigation, Water Resources and Water Power Engineering – Dr. P.N. Modi (Standard Book House)

Theory and Design of Irrigation Structures (Volume – I & II) – Varshney (Nem Chand Bros.)

Irrigation Engineering – Asawa G.L. (New Age International Publications)

Fundamentals of Irrigation Engineering – Bharat Singh (Nem Chand & Bros.)


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