CSVTU B.E. VII Semester Computer Science Engineering Parallel Processor & Computing Syllabus


Semester: VII Branch: Computer Science & Engg.

Subject: Parallel Processor & Computing

UNIT-I: Introduction & Technique of Parallelism:

Trends towards parallel computing, parallelism in Uni-processor systems, Architectural

classification schemes, Amdahl’s law, Moore’s law, Principles of Scalable Performance,

Parallel Processing in Memory, Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Algorithm Complexity, Models of

Parallel Processing, Cache coherence, Cache coherence Protocols.

UNIT-II: Pipeline & Vector Processing:

Conditions of Parallelism: Data & Resource dependencies, Program flow mechanisms:

Control-flow .vs. Data flow computers Principle of pipelining and vector processing: principles

of linear pipelining, classification of pipeline processors. General pipelines and reservation

tables. Instruction and arithmetic pipelines, vector processing, architecture of Cray –1,

Pipeline hazards, VLIW computers, Array Processing.

UNIT-III : Parallel Models & Mesh-Based Architectures

PRAM and Basic Algorithms, Data Broadcasting, Parallel Prefix Computation, Shared-

Memory Algorithms, Parallel Selection Algorithm, Sorting and Selection Networks, Selection

Networks, Circuit-Level Examples, Tree-Structured Dictionary Machine, Parallel Prefix

Networks, Sorting on a 2D Mesh or Torus, Routing on a 2D Mesh or Torus, Types of Data

Routing Operations, Greedy Routing Algorithms, Wormhole Routing, Numeric al 2 D Mesh

Algorithms, Other Mesh-Related Architectures, Meshes of Trees, Low-Diameter Architectures,

Hyper-cubes and Their Algorithms, Sorting and Routing on Hypercubes, Bitonic Sorting on a

Hypercube, Dimension-Order Routing, Broadcasting on a Hypercube, Other Hypercubic

Architectures, Butterfly and Permutation Networks, Plus-or-Minus-2’Network, The Cube-

Connected Cycles Network , Shuffle and Shuffle–Exchange Networks, A Sampler of Other

Networks, Star and Pancake Networks, Ring-Based Networks.

UNIT-IV: Multiprocessor architecture and Programming:

Emulation and Scheduling, Emulations among Architectures, Distributed Shared Memory ,

Data Storage, Input, and Output, Multithreading and Latency Hiding, Parallel I/O Technology,

Defect-Level Methods, Fault-Level Methods, Error-Level Methods, Parallel Programming

Parallel Operating Systems, Parallel File Systems.

UNIT-V: Parallel System Implementations:

Shared-Memory MIMD Machines, Variations in Shared Memory, MIN-Based BBN Butterfly,

Vector-Parallel Cray Y-MP, CC-NUMA Stanford DASH, Message-Passing MIMD Machines,

Data-Parallel SIMD Machines, Processor and Memory Technologies.

Name of Text Books:-

1.Computer Architecture & Parallel processing – Kai Hwang 7 Briggs.(MGH).

2.Parallel Computers: Arch.& Prog., Rajaraman & Siva Ram Murthy, PHI.

Name of Reference Books :-

1. R.W. Hockney, C.R. Jesshope, “Parallel Computer 2 –Arch..& Algo.”, Adam Hilger.

2. K. Hwang, “Advanced Computer Architecture with ParallelProgramming”, MGH

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