CSVTU B.E. VII Semester Computer Science Engineering Network Programming Syllabus


Semester: VII Branch:  Computer Science & Engg.

Subject: Network Programming

Unit- I Networking & TCP/IP:

Communication protocols, Network architecture, UUCP, XNS, IPX/SPX for LANs,

TCP & IP headers, IPv4 & v6 address structures, Programming Applications: Time &

date routines, Internet protocols: Application layer, Transport layer, Network layer,

Datalink layer protocols, Chat, Email, Web server working method & programming.

UNIT-II Socket Programming:

Creating sockets, Posix data type, Socket addresses, Assigning address to a socket,

Java socket programming, Thread programming, Berkeley Sockets: Overview,

socket address structures, byte manipulation & address conversion functions,

elementary socket system calls – socket, connect, bind, listen, accept, fork, exec,

close, TCP ports (ephemeral, reserved), Berkeley Sockets: I/O asynchronous &

multiplexing models, select & poll functions, signal & fcntl functions, socket

implementation (client & server programs), UNIX domain protocols.

UNIT- III APIs & Winsock Programming:

Windows socket API, window socket & blocking I/O model, blocking sockets,

blocking functions, timeouts for blocking I/O, API overview, Different APIs & their

programming technique, DLL & new API’s, DLL issues, Java Beans.

UNIT- IV Web Programming & Security:

Java network programming, packages, RMI, Overview of Javascript, WAP

architecture & WAP services, Web databases, Component technology, CORBA

concept, CORBA architecture, CGI programming, Firewall & security technique,

Cryptography, Digital Signature.

UNIT- V Client Server Programming:

Client side programming: Creating sockets, Implementing generic network client,

Parsing data using string Tokenizer, Retrieving file from an HTTP server, Retrieving

web documents by using the URL class. Server side programming: Steps for

creating server, Accepting connection from browsers, creating an HTTP server,

Adding multithreading to an HTTP server.

Name of Text Books:-

1. Steven.W.R: UNIX Network Programming, PHI (VOL I& II)

2. Window Socket Programming by Bobb Quinn and Dave Schutes

Name of Reference Books :-

1. Davis.R.: Windows Network Programming, Addison Wesley

2. NETWORK PROGRAMMING With Windows Socket By Baner .P., PH New Jersey

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