CSVTU B.E. VII Semester Computer Science Engineering Internet & Multimedia Technology Syllabus


Semester: VII Branch: Computer Science & Engg.

Subject: Internet & Multimedia Technology

UNIT-I Theory of Internet:-

Introduction, Evolution of Internet, Internet applications, Internet Protocol: TCP/IP

Protocol, Versions, Class full addressing, IP data gram, ICMP & IGMP. Functions

of ARP and RARP, User Data gram Protocol (UDP), Transmission Control Protocol

(TCP): Flow-Control, Error-Control. Internet Security & Firewalls

UNIT-III Bounded Media for Internet :-

Cable media, Telephone network, ISDN: Overview, Interfaces & functions,

Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Network Layer Services, Signaling System

Number 7. ATM & B-ISDN : Introduction Services & Applications, Principles &

building blocks of B-ISDN, DIAS network.

UNIT-III Un-Bounded Media for Internet :-

Wireless media : Components and working of Wireless network, IEEE 802.11

standards and WLAN types, Ad-hoc networks, MACAW Protocol. Features and

Goals of Bluetooth


Bluetooth products and security, TCP Over Wireless & Ipv6 :

Mobile IP, support of Mobility on the Internet, Mobile TCP, Traffic Routing in


Wireless Networks, Circuit switched Data Services, Packet switched Data services.


WLL Architecture, WLL Technologies and frequency spectrum, Local Multipoint


Distribution Service (LMDS), Ultra Wideband Technology.



UNIT-IV Introduction to Multimedia :-

Concept of Non-Temporal and Temporal Media. Hypertext and Hypermedia.

Presentations: Synchronization, Events, Scripts and Interactivity, Compression

Techniques: Basic concepts of Compression. Still Image Compression.: JPEG

Compression., Features of JPEG2000. Video Compression: MPEG- 1&2

Compression Schemes, MPEG-4 Natural Video Compression. Audio Compression:

Introduction to speech and Audio Compression, MP3 Compression Scheme.

Compression of synthetic graphical objects.

UNIT-V Multimedia Systems Technology :

Architecture for Multimedia Support: Multimedia PC/Workstation Architecture,

Characteristics of MMX instruction set, I/O systems: IEEE 1394 interface,

Operating System Support for Multimedia Data: Resource Scheduling with realtime

considerations, File System, I/O Device Management. Multimedia Information

Management: Multimedia Database Design, Content Based Information Retrieval:

Image Retrieval, Video Retrieval, Overview of MPEG-7, Design of Video-ondemand


Name of Text Books:-

(1) TCP/IP Protocol Suite By Behrouz A. Forouzan. TMH.

(2) Multimedia Concept & Practice, Hartman & Carey, PHI

Name of Reference Books :-

(1) Multimedia Technology, TAY Vaughan, McGraw-Hill

(2) Virtual Reality Systems, John Vince, Addison Wesley

(3) ATM Network by Rainer Handel, Manfred N Huber Stijan Schoder, LPE.

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