CSVTU B.E. VII Semester Computer Science Engineering Digital Image Processing Syllabus


Semester: VII Branch: Computer Science & Engg.

Subject: Digital Image Processing

Total Theory Periods: 50 . Total Tut Periods: NIL

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80.

Minimum number of class tests to be conducted: 02.

Unit I: Introduction:

Image formation model, Spatial & Gray level resolution, Image enhancement in special

domain: Piecewise transformation functions, Histogram equalization, Histogram specification,

image averaging, spatial filters- smoothing and sharpening, Laplacian filter, Canny edge


Unit II: Image enhancement in frequency domain & Image Segmentation:

2D discrete fourier transform & its inverse, filtering in frequency domain, Ideal & Gaussian low

pass filters, High pass filtering, FFT, Line detection, Edge detection, Edge linking & boundary

detection, Thresholding, Region based segmentation.

Unit III: Morphological Image Processing:

Logic operations involving binary image, Dialation & Erosion, Opening & Closing, Applications

to Boundary extraction, region filling, connected component extraction.

Unit IV: Image Compression:

Coding redundancy- Huffman coding, LZW coding, run length coding, Lossy compression-

DCT, JPEG, MPEG, video compression.

Unit V: Image Representation & 3D:

Boundary descriptors, Shape numbers, Texture, Projective geometry, Correlation based and

feature based stereo correspondence, shape from motion, optical flow.

Name of Text Books:-

1. Ganzalez and Woods, Digital Image Processing, Pearson education.

2. Sonka and Brooks, Image Processing, TSP ltd,

Name of Reference Books :-

1. Jain and Rangachar, Machine Vision, MGH.

2. Schalkoff, Digital Image Processing, John Wiley and sons.

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