CSVTU B.E. VII Semester Computer Science Engineering Advanced Computer Architecture Syllabus


Semester: VII Branch: Computer Science & Engg.

Subject: Advanced Computer Architecture

Unit I: Pipeline:

Linear pipeline processor: Nonlinear pipeline processor, Instruction pipeline design,

Mechanisms, Dynamic instruction scheduling, Arithmetic pipeline design, Super-scalar

processors, VLIW architecture.

Unit II: Memory Hierarchy & I/O organization:

Cache memories, Cache coherence, High bandwidth memories, High bandwidth I/O, Disk I/O,

Bus specifications and standards.

Unit III: Parallel Computer Models & Program parallelism:

Classification of Machines, SISD, SIMD & MIMD, Condition of parallelism, data and resource

dependencies, Program partitioning & scheduling, grain size latency, control flow versus data

control, data flow architecture.

Unit IV: Synchronous Parallel Processing:

Vector instruction types, vector access memory schemes, vector and symbolic processors,

SIMD architecture, SIMD parallel algorithms, SIMD computers and performance


Unit V: System Interconnection:

Network properties and routing, static interconnection networks, dynamic interconnection

networks, Multiprocessor system interconnection, Multistage & combining networks.

Name of Text Books:-

1. Flynn, computer Architecture: Pipelined and parallel processor design, JB, Boston.

2.Computer Architecture & Parallel processing – Kai Hwang 7 Briggs.(MGH).

Name of Reference Books :-

1. R.W. Hockney, C.R. Jesshope, “Parallel Computer 2 –Arch..& Algo.”, Adam Hilger.

2. K. Hwang, “Advanced Computer Architecture with ParallelProgramming”, MGH.

3.Parallel computing- Theory and practice – Michael J Quinn- Mc Graw Hill

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