CSVTU, B.E. VI Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Structural Engineering Design-II Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 6th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Structural Engineering Design-II Code: 320611 (20)

Unit 1 Materials and Methods of Analysis

Properties of Structural Steel, I. S. Rolled Sections, I. S. Specifications, Elastic Analysis, Plastic

Analysis for steel beams and frames – plastic hinges, Collapse mechanism, plastic modulus, shape


Introduction to working stress method and Limit state method of design of steel structures, types of

loads and load combinations.

Unit 2 Fasteners and Tension Members

Riveted, Bolted and Welded Connections, Strength, Efficiency and Design of Joints, Advantages and

Disadvantages of Welded Joints, Design of Fillet and Butt Welds, Design of Eccentric Connections,

Introduction to high strength friction grip bolts.

Net Sectional Area, Design of Axially Loaded Tension Member, Steel Angles under tension

Unit 3 Compression Members and Column Bases

Modes of Failure of a Column, Buckling Failure: Euler’s Theory, Effective Length, Slenderness

Ratio, Design Formula: I.S. Code Formula, Design of Compression Members, Design of Built-Up

Compression Members: Laced and Battened Columns, Slab and Gusseted Bases.

Unit 4



Design Procedure, laterally supported and laterally unsupported beams, Built-Up Sections, Web


Crippling, Web Buckling, Curtailment of Flange Plates


Unit 5 Member Subjected To Combined Forces

Design of Member Subjected to combined forces, Eccentricity of Load, Interaction Formulae.

Eccentrically Loaded Base Plates.

Name of Text Books:

Design of Steel Structures – Arya, A.S., Ajmani, J.I. (Nem Chand & Bros., Roorkee, U.P.)

Design of Steel Structures – Punmia, Jain & Jain (Laxmi Publications)

Name of Reference Books:

I.S. code of practice on steel structures

Design of Steel Structures – Duggal S.K. (Tata McGraw Hill)

Design of Steel Structures (Vol. – I & II) – Ram Chandra (Standard Book House, New Delhi)

Design of Steel Structures – Dayaratnam (Wheeler Publishing, New Delhi)

Design of Steel Structures – E.H.Gaylord and C.N. Gaylord (McGraw Hill, New York)

Steel Structures: Design and Behaviour – C.G.Salmon and J.E.Johnson (Harper and Row, New York)

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