CSVTU, B.E. VII Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Safety in Construction Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Safety in Construction Code: 320752 (20)

Unit 1

Construction Project  A brief outline project definition, elements, relation to safety, types of projects and safety hazards.

Unit 2

Construction sites and safety

Tools – Electrical, Pneumatic, Grinding, Hand tools.

Machinery – Earth moving, Concrete Breaker, Carpenters, Transporting, Batching Plant and Concrete Mixer,


Material Handling – Various materials and their effects, storing materials.

Common Risks and Hazards.

Unit 3

Planning Safety for Construction Projects

Safety Construction Safety, Legal Requirements, First-Aid, Safety Clauses in contract, Safety Policy, Safety

deposit, Safety Officer, Safety Committees, Safety of Contractors Worker.

Unit 4

Safety Practices

Roads and bridges, tunneling, buildings, and structures, (excavation, blasting, consent, machinery,

transportation, concrete structures, piling, deep foundations, compressed air, tunneling, dewatering, structural

steel erection, floors, and walk opening, demolition, use of ladders, electrical works, welding and cutting,

grinding and chipping, hoisting apparatus, A.C. Roofs.

Unit 5

Modern project

Special Safety practices for Modernisation Project

Planning for sequential operations and emergencies first aid, fire hazards and preventive methods.

Name of Text Books:

Construction Safety, Security and Loss Prevention – B. Fulman (———)

Name of Reference Books:

Fundamental of Construction Safety – P.T. Armstrong (————)

Construction Engineering and Management – S. Seetaram (Umesh Publication)

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