CSVTU, B.E. VII Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Foundation Engineering Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Foundation Engineering Code: 320757 (20)



Site Investigation and Selection of Foundation

Introduction, Scope and objectives, Method of exploration boring, Sampling, disturbed and undisturbed

sampling, sampling techniques, Bore log and report, Penetration tests (SPT and SCPT), Data interpretation,

Selection of foundation based on soil condition.

Unit 2

Shallow Foundation

Introduction, Location and depth of foundation, codal provisions, bearing capacity of shallow foundation on

homogeneous deposits, bearing capacity from insitu tests, Factors influencing bearing capacity, codal

provisions, Settlement, Components of settlement, Settlement of foundations on granular and clay deposits,

Allowable and maximum differential settlements of buildings, Codal provision, Methods of minimising


Unit 3

Footings and Rafts

Types of foundation, structural design of spread footing, Design aspects of combined and mat foundation,

Codal provisions.

Unit 4


Types of piles, Factors influencing the selection of pile, Carrying capacity in granular and cohesive soils,

Static and dynamic formulae, Capacity from insitu tests (SPT and SCPT), Piles subjected to uplift, Negative

skin friction, Group capacity, Settlement of pile groups, Interpretation of pile load test, Pile caps, Codal


Unit 5

Retaining Walls

Earth pressure theory, Plastic equilibrium in soils, active and passive states, Rankine’s theory, Coloumb’s

wedge theory, Classical and limit equilibrium solution, Earth pressure on retaining walls of simple

configurations, pressure on the wall due to single line load alone, Graphical method (Culmann’s method

alone), Stability of retaining wall.

Name of Text Books:

Soil mechanics and foundations – Punmia, B.C. (Laxmi publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1995)

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering – Arora, K.R. (Standard publishers and distributors, New Delhi,


Name of Reference Books:

A Textbook of Geotechnical Engineering – Khan, I.H., (Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 1999)

Basic and applied soil mechanics – Gopal Ranjan and Rao, A.S.R. (Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi (India),


Foundation Analysis and Design – Bowles J.E. (McGraw Hill, 1994)

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