CSVTU, B.E. VII Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Expansive Soils Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7 th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Expansive Soils Code: 320755 (20)

Unit 1

Introduction and Identification

Expansive Soils of India, related civil engineering problems, formation of expansive soils in field, identification

of expansive solids in laboratory by X-ray diffraction method and differential thermal analysis.

Unit 2

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soil structure and clay minerology of expansive soil, atomic bond and molecular bonds, honey comb structure,

base exchanges capacity, clay water relation, electrolysis processes.

Unit 3

Foundation on Black Cotton Soil

Foundations on swelling soils, swelling potential and mechanism of volume change, chemical composition of

black cotton soil, construction techniques in black cotton soil, modern method of construction in under reamed


Unit 4

Ground Improvement Techniques

Stabilization of expansive soils with lime, slag (silica fume and aluminium sludge), cement, fly ash, chemicals,

reinforced earth technique, micro reinforced vegetation, vibro floatation, grouting and soil nailing.

Unit 5

Liquifaction Hazard Mitigation

Factors affecting the expansive soil, method of assessment for liquifaction, effect instrumentation for

monitoring, consolidation of marine clay deposits, expansive soil model of Bingham fluid bounded by porous


Name of Text Books:

Design Aids in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering – S.R. Kaniraj (Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi)

Foundation Engineering – Dr. B.J. Kasmalkar (Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan, Pune)

Name of Reference Books:

Basic and applied Soil Mechanics (Revised Edition) – Gopal Rajan and Rao A.S.R. (New Age, New Delhi.


Foundation Engineering (2


Edition) – Peck,R.B., Hanson (W.E. and Thornburn. W.H. Johan Wiley, New York



Foundation Analysis and Designing – J.E. Bowles (McGraw Hill)


Soil Engineering in Theory and Practice (Vol. – II) – Alam Singh (Asia Publishing House, New Delhi, 1981)



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