CSVTU, B.E. V Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Engineering Hydrology Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 5th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Engineering Hydrology Code: 320516 (20)

Unit 1 Introduction

Definition and scope, Hydrology in relation to water resources development, Hydrologic Cycle, The

necessity for hydrologic data, the global water budget, Practical applications.


Introduction, constituents of atmosphere, the weather and the atmosphere, the general circulation, air

masses and fronts, climate and weather seasons in India.

Unit 2 Precipitation

Forms of precipitation, measurement of precipitation, Recording and Non-recording type of rain

gauges, Typical and record rainfall data, errors in measurement of rainfall. Location of rain gauge

stations, analysis and interpretation of rainfall data, Average depth of rainfall over area, Probable

maximum precipitation (PMP).

Unit 3 Infiltration and Run off

Introduction, factors affecting in filtration, measurement of infiltration, infiltrometers, infiltration

equations, infiltration indices, effect of infiltration on runoff and recharge of ground water, Runoff,

components of runoff, estimation of runoff, calculations by infiltration method, rainfall-runoff

relationship, rational method of estimating runoff, Basin yield.

Unit 4 Hydrograph Analysis

Introduction, characteristics of the hydrograph, Effect of rainfall distribution on the shape of

hydrograph, hydrograph separation, Unit hydrograph, Derivation of the unit hydrograph, Unit

hydrograph from the complex storms-hydrograph, applications of Unit hydrograph.

Unit 5 Ground Water

Introduction, occurrence of ground water, aquifer parameters, ground water movement, Darcy’s Law,

permeability, steady and unsteady flow to wells in Confined and Unconfined aquifers, ground water

exploration, Safe yield, Pumping test and recuperation test.

Name of Text Books:

Engineering Hydrology – K. Subramanya (Tata McGraw Hill)

A Text Book of Hydrology – Dr. P. Jaya Rami Reddy (Laxmi Publications)

Name of Reference Books:

Hydrology Principles and Analysis – H.M. Raghunath (New Age International


Applied Hydrology – Ven Te Chow, David R. Maidment, Larry W. Mays (McGraw Hill)

Applied Hydrology – Linsely R.K. Kohler, M.A. and J.L.H. Paulhus (McGraw Hill)

Hydrology for Engineers and Planners – Cassidy W.C. (Iowa State University Press)

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