CSVTU B.E. IV Semester IT Principles of Management Syllabus


Semester: B.E. IV Sem. Branch: Information Technology

Subject:Principles of Management


Definition of Management, Nature and Basic Concepts of Management, Management and Administration, Functions

of Manager & Information age; Science, theory and practice of Management.

Managerial objectives and Role, Evolution of management Thoughts, Business Environment, Social attitudes beliefs

and Values, Social Responsibilities of Business.


Functions of Management- Planning, Nature and importance, Steps in Planning; Organizing and process of organizing;

Staffing, Systems approach to staffing; Directing; Controlling and process of controlling, Decision Making.


Motivation-Meaning, need for motivation, Theories of Motivation.

Leadership – Meaning and styles, group and team working, HRM.

Unit –IV

Marketing function- Market and Marketing environment, Consumer / buyer behavior, marketing mix, Advertisement

and sales Promotion.

Financial Management – Introduction to Book keeping and financial statements, Break Even analysis.


Production and Productivity, Production Planning and Control, TQM

Emerging Trends in Management- Globalization and WTO, Business process reengineering, IT in Management,


Text Books:-

1. Govindrajan M, & Natrajan, S, Principles of Management, Prentice Hall of India, N. Delhi,2005.

2. Luthans Fred Organizational Behavior, TMH, New Delhi

Reference Books:-

1. Koontz and O’Donnell, Principles of Management and administration, Prentice Hall of

India ( PHI)

2. Peter F Drucker, The Practice of Management, Allied Publicatons.

3. Robbins, S. P. 3


edition, Fundamental of Management, PHI, N. Delhi,2005

4. Chandan J. S, Management Concepts and Strategies, Vikas Publication, N. Delhi,2006


5. S.N. Maheshwari, An Introduction to accountancy Vikas Publication, N Delhi.



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