CSVTU B.E. IV Semester IT Object Oriented concepts & Programming using C++ Syllabus


Semester: B.E. IV Sem. Branch: Information Technology

Subject: Object Oriented concepts & Programming using C++

UNIT I : Introduction

 Basic concepts of OOP, Benefits of OOP, Object Oriented Language, Structure of

C++ Program, Compiling & Linking , Operators & Expressions, Looping concepts, Arrays &


Structures, functions.


UNIT II : Classes & Object


: Specifying a class, Define member function, Scope of class and its member ,

Nested Class, Data hiding & encapsulation, Friend function, Array within a class, array of object as


function argument, function returning object, static member.


UNIT III: Constructors and Destructors


: Constructor function, parameterized multiple constructor, default

constructor, copy constructor, const and class, Data conversion between objects of different classes,


Destructor function, Polymorphism, function overloading, Operator overloading.


UNIT IV: Inheritance, Pointer & Virtual function


: Define derived classes, single inheritance, multilevel

inheritance, Hierarchical inheritance, Hybrid Inheritance, Pointers to objects, this pointer, Pointers to


derived class, Virtual function, Pure Virtual function, Abstract classes.


UNIT V: File I/O & Templates


: files streams, opening & closing a file, read () & write() functions, detecting

end-of-file, seekp(), seekg(), tellg(), tellp()function. Introduction to Templates & Exception,


Creating and handling Templates and Exception in OOP.


Name of Text Books

1. OOPS with C++ : E. Balagurusamy

2. OOP with C++: Robort Laphore.

Name of Reference Books

1. Object Oriented Programming in C++ : StroutStrups.

2. Programming with C++ : Venugopal .

3. Programming with C++ : D Ravichandran

4. Let us C++ : Yashwant Kanetkar.

5. C++ and OOPs Paradigm by Debasish Jana ( PHI)

6. OOP-P Sengupta & B.B. Choudhari ( PHI)

7. OOP with C++ by M.P. Bhave & S. A. Patekar ( Pearson Education)

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