CSVTU, B.E. IV Semester, Computer Science & Engineering,Data Structures Syllabus


Semester: IV Branch:  Computer Science & Engineering

Subject: Data Structures

Unit –1 Simple Linear Data Structure Array

Representation of Linear Arrays in Memory, Traversing Linear Array, Inserting and Deleting, Searching:

Linear and Binary, Sorting : Bubble, Selection, Insertion, Quick, Merge, Heap. Polynomial Addition,

Representation of Multidimensional Array in memory, Representation of Sparse Matrices and its Transpose


Unit-2 Linear Linked List

Singly Linked List: Representation in Memory, Traversing, Searching, Memory Allocation, Garbage

Collection, Insertion into a linked list, Deletion from a linked list, Header Linked List, Polynomial

Addition, Circular Linked List, Operations on Doubly Linked List : traversing, Searching, Deleting,


Unit-3 Stack, Queue and Recursion

Stacks: Array Representation, Linked Representation, Arithmetic Expression, Polish Notation, Recursion,

Towers of Hanoi, Queues: Array Representation, Circular Queues, Linked Representation, D-Queues,

Priority Queues.

Unit-4 Non-Linear Data Structure Graphs

Binary Tress, Representation of binary Trees in Memory, Traversing binary trees, Traversal algorithm

using stacks, Header nodes, Threads, Binary search trees, Searching, Inserting and Deleting in a binary

search trees, AVL search tree, Insertion and Deletion in an AVL search Tree, m-way search tree, Searching

Insertion and Deletion in an m-way search tree, Searching, Insertion and Deletion in a B- tree.

Unit-5 Non-Linear Data Structure Graphs

Graph theory terminology, Sequential Representation of Graphs, Adjancy Matrix, Path Matrix, Warshall’s

algorithm, Shortest Paths, Linked Representation of a Graph, Operations on Graph, Traversing on Graphs,

Posets, Topological Sorting.

Name of Text Books :

1. Data Structure by Seymour Lipschutz & G. a. Vijayalaksmi Pai ( Schaum’s outlines)

2. Data Structures using C/C++ by Langsam, Augenstein & Tananbaum ( PHI )

3. Data Structures & Program Design by Robert L Kruse ( PHI )

Name of Reference books :

1. An Introduction to Data Structures with Application by Tremblay & Sorenson ( Tata Mc)

2. Data Structures using C by ISRD Group ( Tata Mc)

3. Classic Data Structure by D Samanata, Prentice-Hall of India

4. Expert Data Structures with C ( 2


Editin ) by R.B. Patel , Khanna Publishing House.


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