CSVTU, B.E. IV Semester, Computer Science & Engineering,Computer Systems Architecture Syllabus


Semester: IV Branch:  Computer Science & Engineering

Subject: Computer Systems Architecture


Unit 1: Processor Basics

CPU Organization, Fundamental and features, Data Representation formats, Fixed and Floating

point representation, Instruction Sets, Formats, Types and Programming Considerations.

Unit 2: Datapath Design

Fixed-Point Arithmetic, Combinational ALU and Sequential ALU, Floating point arithmetic and

Advanced topics, Hardware Algorithm – Multiplication, Division.

Unit 3: Control Design

Basic Concepts, Hardwired control, Microprogrammed Control, CPU control unit and Multiplier

control unit, Pipeline Control.

Unit 4: Memory Organization

Memory device characteristics, RAM technology and Serial access memories technology,

Multilevel memory systems, Address translation and Memory allocation systems, Caches


Unit 5: System Organization

Programmed I/O , DMA, Interrupts and IO Processors, Processor-level Parallelism,

Multiprocessor and Fault tolerance system.

Name of Text Books

1. Computer Architecture and organization – John P Hayes, McGraw Hill Publication

2 Computer Organizations and Design- P. Pal Chaudhari, Prentice-Hall of India

Name of reference Books:

1. Computer System Architecture – M. Morris Mano, PHI.

2. Computer Organization and Architecture- William Stallings, Prentice-Hall of India

3. Architecture of Computer Hardware and System Software: An Information Technology Approach,

3rd Edition (Illustrated) – Iry Englander, John Wiley & Sons Inc

4 Structured Computer Organization Andrew S Tanenbaum, Prentice-Hall of India

5 Computer Systems Organization & Architecture – John D Carpinelli, Addison-Wesley

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