CSVTU, B.E. IV Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Building Construction Syllabus


Semester: IV Sem. Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Building Construction Code: 320415 (20)

UNIT 1 Foundations

Brief study of different types of foundations, nature of soil (expansive or non-expansive, alluvial

or residual, sandy or clayey for settlement etc.), approximate values of bearing capacities, breadth

and depth of foundation, typical cross sections for foundations under walls and R.C.C. Columns.

Foundations in black cotton soils, under reamed pile foundations, foundation failures and remedial


UNIT 2 Masonry

Technical terms in masonry, classification and brief specifications of stone masonry, bonds in

brick masonry, general principles to be observed in stone and Brick Masonry Construction.


Different types (load bearing, cavity-walls and partition walls), thickness considerations.

Doors, Windows And Lintels

Different types based on materials and methods of construction, technical terms, size and


UNIT 3 Floors

Ground and upper floors, various types, their suitability, construction details of concrete and

terrazzo floors, Floor tiles.


Technical terms and different types of pitched and flat roofs. Various roof coverings for pitched

and flat roofs.


Different types of formwork, stripping times.

UNIT 4 Damp Proofing

Causes and effect of Dampness, parts of a building likely to be affected most, methods of damp

proofing in different locations including roofs.

Plastering And Pointing

Types and considerations during plastering and pointing.


Construction, Contraction and Expansion Joints.





Types based on geometry and material, suitability, proportioning of stairs, lifts and escalators.

Sound Proofing

Materials and Methods of sound proof construction.

Fire Proofing

Materials and Methods of fire proof construction.

Name of Text Books:

Building Construction – B.C. Punmia (Laxmi Publication Pvt. Ltd.)

Building Construction – Sushil Kumar (Standard Publication Distributors)

Name of Reference Books:

Building Construction – Gurucharan Singh (Standard Publication Distributors)

Building Construction – S. C. Rangwala (Charotar Publishing House, Anand, Gujarat)

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