CSVTU B.E. III Semester IT Problem Solving and Logic Building using C Syllabus


Semester: B.E. III Sem. Branch: Information Technology

Subject: Problem Solving and Logic Building using C

Unit-I Elements of C Language

Origin of C, Features & Characteristic of C, C Compiler, Character Set, Keywords, Identifiers, Constants, Variables, Input/

Output Statements, Basic Data Types, Operators and Expressions, Tools for Problem Solving: Problem Analysis, Flowchart,

Algorithm Development. Top-Down Program Design, Structured Design Approach, Basic structure of C programs, A

simple C Program.

Unit-2 Control Flow Construction

Decision making and branching: Simple if statement, if else statement, Nesting of if.. else statement, else.. if Ladder, switch

statement, ?: operator, goto statement.

Decision making and looping: while statement, do .. while statement, for statement, jumps in loops, break and continue


Unit-3 Defining and Manipulating Arrays

One- Dimensional Arrays: Declaration of Arrays, Initialization of Arrays, Reading and Writing of integer, real and character

arrays, Sorting and Searching in Arrays, Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Handling of Character Strings.

Unit-4 User Defined Functions

Syntax of Function, Calling functions, Actual & Formal Arguments, Categories of Functions, Function prototype, Scope

Rules: Local & Global variables, Recursion, Recursion vs. iteration, Passing Arguments: call by values & call by reference,

Passing array to function.


Declaration and initialization of structures, Array of structures, Array within structure, structure within

structure, Structures and functions, Introduction to unions.

Unit-5 Pointer Data type and its Application

Pointer Operator, Pointer Expression, Initializating pointers, Pointer Arithmetic, Pointer and Function Arguments, Pointer to

function, Pointer and Arrays, Pointers and String, Arrays of Pointers, Pointers to Pointers.

Files in C

: Defining and opening a file, closing a file, input/ Output operations on files, error handling during I/O

operations, random access to files.

Name of Text Books:

1. Programming in C by Byron Gottfrid.(Schoum’s series outline TMH)

2. Programming in C By E. Balagurusamy (TMH)

Name of Reference Books:

1. The C programming Language by Dennis M Ritchie and Kernighan ( PHI)

2. Let us C by Yashwant Kanetkar (BPB Publication)

3. C for all by S. Thamarai Selvin & R. Murugesan ( Anuradha Agencies)

4. Programming in C by Ghosh ( PHI)

5. Computer Programming in C by V. Rajaraman ( PHI )

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