CSVTU, B.E. III Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Surveying-I Syllabus


Semester: B.E. III Sem. Branch:  Civil Engineering

Subject: Surveying-I

Unit 1 Leveling

Different methods of determining elevations: Spirit, Trigometric, Barometric and Photogrammetric methods, Spirit leveling-Definitions of terms, Principle, Construction, Temporary and permanent adjustment of levels. Sensitivity of bubble tube, Automatic levels, Levelling staves, Methods of spirit leveling Booking and reduction of field notes, Curvature and refraction, Reciprocal leveling Plotting of profiles, Barometric leveling, Construction and field use of altimeter, Trigonometric leveling-simple and reciprocal observations, Source of errors and precision of leveling procedures.

Unit 2 Contouring

Direct and Indirect methods of contouring. Interpolation of contours, Drawing section from contour map, Application and Modern methods of depicting relief on a Map.

Unit 3 Thedolite and Traversing

Venire and microptic theodolites, Temporary and permanent a djustments, Requirements of nonadjustable parts, Measure of horizontal and vertical angles by different methods Principle of traversing by theodolite, Field work and checks, Computation of coordinates, Source of errors, Precision of traversing, Checking and adjusting of traverses, Omitted measurements

Unit 4 Plane Table Surveys

Principles, Advantages and disadvantages, Plane table equipment, Use of Telescopic Alidade and Indian Pattern tangent Clinometer, Different methods of Plane Table Surveying, Resection-Two and Three point problems. Fields work in Plane Table Surveying and contouring. Minor Instruments Hand level, Abney Level, clinometers, ceylon ghat tracer, Box Sexant, Pentagraph, planimeter, ediograph.

Unit 5 Curves

Classification of curves; Elements of Circular, Transition and Vertical curves, Theory and method of setting out Simple, Transition and Vertical curves. Special field problems.

Name of Text Books:

Surveying (Vol. I & II) – Punmia, B.C. (Laxmi Publications, New Delhi, 1996)

Surveying (Vol. I & II) – Kanetkar (Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan, Pune)

Name of Reference Books:

Surveying (Vol. II & III) – Agor, R (Khanna publications, Delhi, 1995)

Surveying (Vol. II & III) – Arora, K.R. (Standard Book House, Delhi, 1993)

Fundamentals of Surveying – S.K. Roy (Prentice Hall of India)

Surveying (Vol. I & II) – S.K. Duggal (Tata McGraw Hill)

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