CSVTU, B.E. III Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Fluid Mechanics – I Syllabus


Semester: B.E. III Sem. Branch:  Civil Engineering

Subject: Fluid Mechanics – I Code:

Unit 1


Fluid and continuum, physical properties of fluids ideal and real fluid, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid Fluid Statics Pressure density height relationship, pressure measurement by Manometers, Pressure on plane and curved surfaces, centre of pressure, buoyancy, stability of immersed and floating bodies, metacentric height, fluid mass subjected to uniform accelerations.

Unit 2

Kinematics of fluid flow Steady and unsteady flow, uniform and non uniform flow, laminar and turbulent flow, one, two and three dimensional flow, streamlines, streak lines and path lines, circulation and vorticity, rotational and irrotational flow, velocity potential and stream function, graphical and experimental methods of drawing flow nets, continuity equation.

Unit 3

Dynamics of fluid flow Euler’s equation of motion along a streamline and its integration, Bernoulli’s equation and its applications – Pitot tube, Venturimeter, orificemeter, nozzles, momentum equation and its application to stationary and moving plates/vanes, pipe bends, problems related to combined application of energy and momentum equations.

Unit 4

Flow in Pipes Reynold’s experiment, experimental determination of critical velocity, transition from laminar to turbulent flow, Laminar flow through circular tubes, flow between parallel plates, minor losses in pipe lines, loss due to sudden contraction, expansion, etc; Hot wire anemometer and LDA. Flow in open Channel Comparison between open channel and pipe flow, definition of uniform and non-uniform flow, uniform flow formulae,  ezy’s and Manning’s Formula, Hydraulically efficient channel section of rectangular, trapezoidal and circular type.

Unit 5

Flow through mouthpieces and orifices Hydraulic coefficients of orifice, bell method orifice, mouthpieces, Borda’s mouthpieces, running free and submerged. Notches and Weirs Rectangular, triangular and trapezoidal notches and weir, cippoletti and broad crested weir, aeration of nappe, cavitations submerged weir. Name of

Text Books:

Fluid Mechanics and Machines – Dr. A.K. Jain (Khanna Publications)

Fluid Mechanics and Machines – Dr. R.K. Bansal (Laxmi Publications)

Name of Reference Books:

Fluid Mechanics – Dr. P.N. Modi (Standard Book House)

Mechanics of Fluid – Irving H. Shames (McGraw Hill)

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics – James A. Fay (Prentice Hall India)

Fluid Mechanics – R.J. Garde (New Age International Publication)

Fluid Mechanics – Streeter V.L. & Wylie E.B. (Tata McGraw Hills)

Fluid Mechanics – John F Dougles (Pearson Publication)

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