CSVTU, B.E. III Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Building Materials Syllabus


Semester: B.E. III Sem. Branch:  Civil Engineering

Subject: Building Materials

Unit 1 Cement

Types of Cement, Hydration of cement, tests on properties of cement, ferro cement. Classification of Aggregates (Coarse and Fine) and their properties, tests on aggregates. Classification of Pozzolanas and applications.

Unit 2 Concrete

Properties of concrete in fresh and hardened state, water cement ratio, Modulus of elasticity, factors affecting strength of concrete and durability, mixing, transporting, placing, compacting and curing concrete, variables in proportioning concrete mixes, admixtures in concrete, tests on concrete.

Unit 3 Special Concrete

Special concrete – Polymer concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, light weight concrete, high strength concrete, heavy weight concrete, green concrete, ready mixed concrete, shotcrete, smart concrete. Fly ash bricks, hollow cement concrete blocks.

Unit 4 Timber and Plywood

Characteristics of good timber, seasoning and preservation, names of timber producing trees and their relative market value. Types and uses of plywood, veneers and hardboards. Low cost materials for construction – System concepts, cost effective materials, industrial wastes, agricultural wastes, methods needed for propagation of new technologies from laboratory to field.

Unit 5 Paints, Glass etc.

Commercially available varieties of ceramics, glass and their uses, types of tiles, method of manufacturing and tests for suitability. Uses of Plastics and PVC. Composition and use of paints, varnishes and distempers. Composite materials, types and uses.

Name of Text Books:

Building Materials – S.K. Duggal (New Age Publication)

Building Materials – S. C. Rangwala (Charotar Publication)

Name of Reference Books:

Concrete Technology – A.M. Neville & J.J. Brooks (Pearson Education)

Concrete Technology – M.S. Shetty (S. Chand & Co.)

Engineering Materials – Surendra Singh (Laxmi Publication)

Construction Engineering and Management – S. Seetharaman (UmeshPublication)

Building Materials – Gurucharan Singh (Standard Publishers, Delhi)

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