CSVTU Energy Environment and Ecology Question Paper

CSVTU Energy Environment and Ecology Question Paper


  1. (a)  (i) Define ecosystem. Explain the components of ecosystem.

(ii) What do you understand by pollutants? Describe different types of pollutants.

(iii) Discuss briefly the social causes of environmental degradation.

(b) Write short notes:

(i) Aquatic ecosystem (ii) Food Web (iii) Ecological Pyramids


Q 2 (a) (i) Explain structure of atmosphere with the help of neat diagram.

(ii)  Name and discuss the four controlling derives of air pollution by wet collection method.

(iii) What is plume? Discuss its classification with the help of suit able diagram.

(b) Write short note:

(i)  Green House Effect  (ii) Sources of primary pollutants  (iii)Lapse Rate


Q3 (a) (i)What do you mean by Eutrophication? Write its type, control and effects in brief.

(ii)  Write an essay on pollutants of water.

(iii) Discuss  an aerobic treatment of waste water

(b) Write short notes:

(i)Trickling Filter  (ii) Chemical Oxygen Demand  (iii)Hydrological Cycle.


Q4 (a) (i)What is soil pollution? Discuss the various source of soil pollution.

(ii)  How Agro chemicals causes soil pollution? What are their controlling method?

(iii)  What is noise ? Discuss the harmful effects of noise,

(b) Write short notes:

(i)lncineration (ii)Recycling of solid waste (iii)Permissible noise level


5. (a) (i) What is bio-technology? Discuss the steps in volvejd biotechnology.

(ii) Define  fermentation. How can we obtain ethanol from starch?

(iii) Enlist  some of the potential advantages and potential pllications of bio computers (bio-chips).

(b) Write short notes:

(i) Bio-fuels (ii) Bio-Surfactants (iii)Bio-Sensors.

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