CS Solved Scanner Professional Programme Company Secretarial Practice

CS Solved Scanner Professional Programme

Company Secretarial Practice

Company Secretarial Practice

Study Material Based Contents                                                                                                                 Q&A-1.1

Syllabus                                                                                                                                                                Q&A-1.2

Bird’s-Eye View                                                                                                                                                                Q&A-1.5

Line Chart Showing Relative Importance of Chapters                                                                       Q&A-1.9

Table Showing Importance of Chapter on the Basis of Marks                                                       Q&A-1.10

Table Showing Importance of Chapter on the Basis of Marks of Compulsory Questions   Q&A-1.12

Legends for the Graphs                                                                                                                                Q&A-1.14

  1. E-Governance of Company Law (MCA-21)                                                                        Q&A-1.15
  2. Company Formation and Conversion                                                                                   Q&A-1.21
  3. Alterations in the memorandum and Articles of Association                                     Q&A-1.45
  4. Issues of Securities                                                                                                                      Q&A-1.74
  5. Allotment of Securities                                                                                                              Q&A-1.106
  6. Issue and redemption of Debentures                                                                                 Q&A-1.114
  7. Membership and Transfer/Transmission of Shares                                                       Q&A-1.123
  8. Directors and Managers                                                                                                            Q&A-1.141
  9. Company Secretary                                                                                                                     Q&A-1.188
  10. Auditors                                                                                                                                           Q&A-1.198
  11. Decision Making Forums and Meetings                                                                              Q&A-1.211
  12. Preparation & Presentation of Reports                                                                               Q&A-1.273
  13. Distribution of Profit                                                                                                                   Q&A-1.301
  14. Charges                                                                                                                                            Q&A-1.316
  15. Inter-Corporate Loans, Investments, Guarantees and Securities                            Q&A-1.327
  16. Filling and Filing of Returns and Documents                                                                      Q&A-1.337
  17. Striking of Names of Companies                                                                                            Q&A-1.344
  18. Best Practices                                                                                                                                 Q&A-1.348
  19. Insider Trading                                                                                                                               Q&A-1.354
  20. Global Developments in Company Law                                                                               Q&A-1.366
  21. Objective Questions                                                                                                                   Q&A-1.376

a)      Question Paper of June, 2011                                                                                         Q&A-1.395

b)      Question Paper of December, 2011                                                                             Q&A-1.398

c)       Question Paper of June, 2012                                                                                         Q&A-1.402

d)      Question Paper of December, 2012                                                                             Q&A-1.405

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