CS Solved Scanner Foundation Programme Business Environment and Entrepreneurship

CS Solved Scanner Foundation Programme

Business Environment and Entrepreneurship

Business Environment and Entrepreneurship

Part A

Business Environment

Chapter Name                                                                                                                       Page No.

  1. Business Environment                                                                                                                   3
  2. Forms of Business Organization                                                                                                 21
  3. Scales of Business                                                                                                                            43
  4. Emerging Trends in Business                                                                                                       57
  5. Business Functions                                                                                                                          69

Part B

Business Laws

  1. Introduction to Law                                                                                                                        89
  2. Elements of Company Law Part I                                                                                               108
  3. Elements of Company Law Part II                                                                                             138
  4. Elements of Law Relating to Partnership                                                                                               169
  5. Elements of Law Relating to Indian Contract                                                                        199
  6. Elements of Law Relating to Sale of Goods                                                                           287
  7. Elements of Law Relating to Negotiable Instruments                                                       322

Part C


  1. Entrepreneurship                                                                                                                            357
  2.  Entrepreneurship – Creativity and Innovation                                                                   369
  3. Growth & Challenges of Entrepreneurship Venture                                                         388

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