Computer Communication Networks EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Computer Communication Networks EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 EC-461 Computer Communication Networks [3 0 0 3]


Introduction to computer networks, Basic concepts of analog and digital signals, Data transmission concepts, analog &digital transmission, transmission impairments.
Introduction To Parallel Distributed Processing, Application of network, Multiprocessing and multitasking, Multiplexing techniques, need of multiplexing Network structures – network topologies, communication protocols and standards, design issues, messages and switching, circuit switching and packed switching OSI reference model, physical layer and data drink layer, Network layer, session layer presentation layer, application layer, Data Transmission in the OSI model.


OSI Terminology Connection Oriented And Connection Less Service, service primitives, The relationship of service to protocols, public network, USENET, BITNET, ERNET, NICNET, VVCP, SNA, E-mail, voice mail & its services. ISDN system architecture, digital PBX & PABX, ISDN interface, C-Dot PAD, PABX Terminal handling, polling.

The telephone system, modules, RS449, digital channel error detection/correction parity check, CRCs, ARQ, transmission strategies, stop – and wait ARQ, ARPANET ARQ, Go back ARQ, selective repeated ARQ, ALOHA protocols


Theoretical Basis For Data Transmission, maximum data rate of a channel base band coaxial cable, broadband coaxial cable, FDDI.
SONET and satellite network, communication satellites,packet radio network, routing algorithms Inter Networking – bridges and gateways, quality of services.
Connection management dialogue management, data exchange, activity management, RPC, Orphans, Data presentation, data compression, network security and privacy, application lever issues, virtual terminals, file transfer access and management.

Books Recommended

1. Andrew S Tanenbaum, “Computer Network”, PHI.
2. Dimitri Bertsekas & Robert Gallager, “Data Network”, PHI.
3. Gilli Wates, “Computer Communication Network”, McGraw- Hill.
4. William Stallings “Data & Computer Communications”, 6th Edition, Pearson Education (2004).
5. Fayez Gebali, “Computer Communication Networks, Analysis and Design, 3rd Ed., NorthStar
Digital Design, Inc., (2005).

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