Cochin University Exam Papers BE CS 6th Semester Operating Systems September 2010

Cochin University Exam Papers BE CS 6th Semester

Operating Systems September 2010


CS/IT 602 Operating Systems

(2002 Scheme) (Supplementary)


(All questions carry EQUAL marks)

I. (a) Describe any two Operating Systems Structure in detail with the help of diagrams.

(b) Compare the performance of priority scheduling and multiple queue scheduling techniques based on a same set of processes.


II.  (a) What are the various states of process? Explain each with the help of diagram.

(b) Describe any two issues related to the Inter process Communication.


III. (a) Describe the concept of memory management using Linked List.

(b) Explain the advantages of using two level paging tables over single level paging tables.


IV. (a) Explain the concept of optimal page replacement algorithm and clock page replacement algorithm.

(b) Write a short note on (i) Associative memory (ii) Inverted page table.


V. (a) Describe any five file attributes and its meaning.

(b) What is DMA? What are the operational modes of DMA? Give the steps to initiate a Data transfer.


 VI. (a) Describe any three methods of file system implementations.

(b) Give the concept of keeping track of free blocks in disk space management


VII. (a) What is deadlock? Give the conditions for deadlock.

(b) Explain any three techniques for recovering from Deadlock.


VIII. (a) Explain the deadlock detection algorithm for a single resource,

(b) Write a note on (i) Starvation (ii) Two phase locking.


IX. (a) What are the characteristics of distributed systems?

(b) Explain the Client-Server model architecture.


X. (a) What are the various design issues in distributed systems?

(b) Explain the terms File Service Interface and Directory Service in Distributed file system Design.

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