CBSE Sample Paper | Class X | English | CBSE | 2006









A1. Read the following poem.




SUCCESS is counted sweetest

By those who ne’er succeed.

To comprehend a nectar

Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple host

Who took the flag to-day

Can tell the definition,

So clear, of victory,

As he, defeated, dying,

On whose forbidden ear

The distant strains of triumph

Break, agonized and clear.


A1.1. Based on your reading of the poem fill in the blanks in the following paragraph using only one word in each blank.  (8 x ½ =4)


Success is (a) ___________________by those who have faced (b) __________.

The poet has brought this point home by taking the example of a battlefield wherein one of the warring groups has suffered a (c) ________________. A dying (d) _____________ from the defeated camp is in agony both (e) ________ and (f) _________________. The sounds of (g) ___________ which are clearly audible to him only add to his (h) ___________________________.


A1.2. Based on your reading of the poem, answer the following questions briefly.


a) Explain the use of the expression ‘To comprehend a nectar –

                                                                 requires the sorest need’.              (2)

b) What is the significance of the expression ‘forbidden ear’?             (2)





A1.2. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:


  1. Did you sleep well last night? Or did you wake up feeling fatigued and sluggish — perhaps even wondering if you really slept at all? Getting a good night’s sleep requires more than crawling into bed and closing your eyes. Understanding your sleep behavior and preparing for a sound slumber can help make sure every night is a good night for sleeping.


  1. “Sleep is a behavior and, like all behaviors, it varies greatly among people,” explains Dr. Carol Landis, sleep researcher and associate professor in biobehavioral nursing and health systems at the University of Washington School of Nursing. “The greatest differences occur in the timing of sleep and the amount of sleep — the factors which are most important in determining whether you will wake up feeling rested.”


  1. Research has found that people sleep better at different times during their daily cycle. For example, some people function better if they go to sleep early and rise early, while others feel more rested if they stay up late and sleep in. “Many people don’t pay attention to the timing of their sleep,” Landis notes. “Yet delaying or altering the time you go to sleep can have a major impact on how you feel when you wake up.”


  1. The amount of sleep the average adult needs each night also varies. Some people may be fine with six hours sleep, while others need up to nine hours per night. Landis points out that those who follow a regular sleep schedule are more apt to function better on fewer hours, but she adds that most adults need at least six hours of sleep each night.


  1. “A person’s sleeping patterns aren’t set in concrete,” Landis stresses. Gradually altering the timing of sleep can help change sleep patterns. An “evening person” who needs to get to work early in the morning can try upping the time they go to bed by 30 minutes every few days. Within a few weeks, this slow adjustment will help “reset” the internal body clock.


  1. In addition to maintaining a regular daily sleep schedule, Landis offers the following tips on practicing good sleep hygiene:


  1. Avoid stimulants including cigarettes, caffeinated beverages and food such as chocolate in the late afternoon and evening. Avoid alcohol in the evening. This can have a rebounding effect, causing a person to wake up a few hours into sleep and disturb sleep patterns. Finish exercising at least two hours before going to sleep. Exercise increases body temperatures and has an arousing effect, making it more difficult to easily fall asleep. Don’t sleep in a warm environment. A drop in a person’s body temperature is important at the onset of deep sleep. People who sleep in a well-heated room or use an electric blanket may not sleep as soundly.
  2. Further, catch up on missed sleep when you have the opportunity. Busy work schedules or weekend activities often make it difficult to get as much sleep as we’d like each night. To reduce this sleep debt, try taking a 30-minute nap during the day before4 p.m.or sleeping in on weekends when you have a chance.


  1. “Instead of getting a coffee during a work break, people can get energy by taking a 15 or 30-minute nap instead,” Landis points out. “You’ll feel better in the long run.”


A2.1. Based on your reading of the passage above answer the following questions:                                                                                              (8 x 1 = 8)


a)      How is Dr Carol Landis qualified to be quoted so extensively in this extract?

b)     According to Landis when are people able to function better?

c)      Is it true that everyone needs at least 8 hrs of sleep to feel rested? Pick out a line from this passage to justify your answer.

d)     What does Carol Landis mean by “aren’t set in concrete”? (paragraph 5)

e)      How can a person’s internal body clock be ‘reset’?

f)       What are the two factors that determine a good night’s sleep?

g)     What does Landis recommend one should do to refresh oneself during a work break?

h)     Find out words from this passage that mean the same as

i) commencement or beginning ______________ (paragraph 7)

ii) influence _____________________ (paragraph 3)

A2.2. To get a good night’s sleep one must not:                                                (8 x ½ = 4)













SECTION B: Writing (30 marks)


 B1You are Arun Sharma, a student of class X. Mrs and Mr Reddy had come to invite your family for their daughter’s wedding just one day prior to the wedding. They have arranged for a van to take your family to the venue of the wedding at 6.00 in the evening. Since your parents were not at home you received the invitation on their behalf but unfortunately you have misplaced the card. Fortunately you remember the contents of the card. You will not be meeting them till the next day as you are leaving with your school friends on a two day excursion that evening.   Leave a message for you father conveying all the relevant details.   (5 marks)


B2. You are Kaushik Rana from Secunderabad. You are studying in class X. You have received a letter from your grandmother who is inDelhi advising you on how to work hard for your board exams. She has also given you some tips on optimum utilization of your time and energy. In her letter she has promised that she will get you a motorbike if you score more than 85% in the examination.  Reply to this letter in a postcard. Copy down the correct format of the post card. The body of the letter should not exceed 50 words. (5 marks)





B3. Read the newspaper article below: Using the information given in the article and ideas from the Unit on ‘Environment’ write a letter to the editor of ‘The Hindu”, expressing your concern over the threat to the Environment. The body of the letter must not exceed 150 words.                               (10 marks)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


New Delhi: There were reasons to suspect that the Chinese Government was dumping nuclear waste inTibetwhich was a matter of serious concern, the excited Tibetan Head of State, the Dalai Lama who is on a state visit, said here today. He said that this was adversely affecting the region’s environment. Many major rivers flowing fromTibetwere being contaminated causing immense damage to the crops, livestock and the people ofTibet.



















B4.  You are Tina Rai ofArmySchool, Secunderabad. Write an article to be published in the school edition of ‘The Times of India’ expressing your concern about the recent spate of accidents involving school children, some of them even being fatal. Your article should discuss the ‘cause-effect’ relation in detail. Also offer some plausible solutions.                                            (10 marks)


 SECTION C: Grammar (20 marks)

C1. Mr A N Rao, Principal of Little Flower School has to send a letter to a parent about the admission of his daughter, Ankita. He has dictated the following notes to his secretary and she is writing the letter. Fill in the blanks in the following body of the letter on the basis of the notes that she has taken.                                                                                                                    (5 marks)

Mr Shanker(the parent) – Ankita cleared admission – class IX – report – July 19 2005 – 10.30 am school office – necessary documents – birth certificate, transfer certificate, passport size photograph – admission fee Rs.9,300 – failure to report – loss of seat.









Dear Mr Shanker

I am pleased to inform you that your daughter Ankita (a)________________. You are requested (b) ______________________________________along with (c) _______________________________. An admission fee (d) _______________ __________________________. If you fail to report on (e) ______________.

Yours truly

AN Rao

C2. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction as given in the example against the correct blank number in your answer sheets.    (8 x ½=4)





Hemophilia are one of the several  sex are is
linked genetic disorders which effects (a)_____ _____
only males. This is because the disorders is (b)_____ _____
caused with a defective gene of the X chromosome. (c)_____ _____
As the result , blood does not  clot and there is a (d)_____ _____
risk  for heavy bleeding even from minor cuts (e)_____ _____
and injuries. The disease is not affect females, (f)_____ _____
because, of the two X-chromosomes if one had (g)_____ _____
the defective gene, then the other  produce the (h)_____ _____
clotting  factor  xxx    xxx


C3. Fill in the blanks in the following passage using only one word in each blank. Write only the correct question numbers and the answers in your answer sheet. DO NOT copy the passage.                            (8 x ½ =4)

Gray whales live in groups or ‘pods’. Whalers used to call them ‘devilfish’ (a)__________of the fierce way they fight to protect (b)_________when hunted. They live at top of the water of the ocean near the coastline (c)________dive to the bottom to eat. They feed in the coldArctic Ocean (north west ofAlaska) but (d)____________about 10,000 kms every year to reproduce in the warm tropical lagoons of thePacific Ocean offBaja,Mexico.

Gray whales as their name suggests usually have gray (e) __________ but they also have some blotchy white (f) ____________, and are covered with barnacles and white lice. They have hairy bristles on (g) ____________ snout and the front of their head. They are (h) _________________ as tactile sensors like a cat’s whiskers.


C4. In the following passage one word has been omitted in each line. Identify the place from where the word has been omitted and write the word in blank provided. Do this exercise as done in the example. Write only the answers and correct question numbers.  DO NOT copy the entire passage. (8 x ½=4)



  Error Correction
Adult gray whales around 13-15 metres Whales/around are
long and they about 33 tonnes. (a)_____ _____
Gray whales seasonal feeders and (b)_____ _____
are carnivores. They plankton, krill and (c)_____ _____
mollusks. During migration while in (d)_____ _____
their breeding waters could last for (e)_____ _____
about 3 – 5 months gray whales very (f)_____ _____
little. They live off layer of fat. (g)_____ _____
The female whales are larger the males. (h)_____ _____




C5. Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you.   (3 marks)

Example: very / agile / are / whales / gray.

                Gray whales are very agile.


(a)   running aground / swim / waters / shallow / they / in / can / without

(b)   they / partially / sometimes / out of /fall back /water /the / jump / and

(c)    may /rid of / this /some of /their / help /parasites /to get


SECTION D: Literature (30 marks)


D1. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:


            Thine azure sister of the Spring shall blow

            Her clarion o’er the dreaming earth, and fill

            (Driving sweet buds like flocks to feed in air)

            With living hues and odours plain and hill.


  1. What does the spring do here? (1)
  2. What is the figure of speech used in the first two lines of this extract? Explain contextually.(2)
  3. Why is Spring a welcome change? (1)




D2.     With candles and with lanterns

            Throwing giant scorpion shadows

            On the sub baked walls

            They searched for him: he was not found.

  1. Explain the term ‘giant scorpion shadows’. (1)
  2. The people being referred to in this extract are from a rural background. How can we come to this conclusion? (1)
  3. In the last line of the extract ‘him’ refers to whom? What had ‘he’ done and why could they not find him? (2)


D3.  In the poem ‘Ode to the West Wind’ what is the poet’s plea to the West Wind? Why does he do so? How has he compared himself to the West Wind?(5)


D4. Initially why was the post master very irritated with Ali? Why and how did his attitude towards Ali change?                                                          (4 marks)


D5. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:


ANTONY: My credit now stands on such slippery ground,

                     That one of two bad ways you must conceit me,

                     Either a coward or a flatterer.

                     That I did love thee Caesar, O. ‘tis true

  1. When and to whom doesAntonyspeak these words? (1)
  2. Why would the listeners regard him as a coward or a flatterer? (2)
  3. What areAntony’s real feelings towards the listeners? Why? (2)


D6. You are one of the scientists responsible for the welfare of Cutie pie. Unfortunately Cutie-pie’s condition is deteriorating everyday and people are beginning to question you. You are puzzled and feel miserable because you are not able to help Cutie-pie. You feel you must put all your thoughts into words and so decide to write them down in a diary. Write this entry as one of the scientists in not more than 150 words.   (8marks)

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