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University wise engineering syllabus of major technical universities


RTU Syllabus Biotechnology Engineering 5th Semester

Bioenergetics II UNIT-I Bioenergetics:first and second laws of thermodynamics and concept of free energy, high- energy phosphate compounds. UNIT-II Carbohydrate metabolism :Glycolysis,kreb’s cycle. pentose phosphate pathway, glyoxylate cycle, glycogenolysis and glycogenesis,gluconeogenesis.Anaerobic respiration and basics...


RTU Syllabus Biotechnology Engineering 4th Semester

MOLECULAR GENETICS UNIT-I Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance, Deviations of Mendel’s Laws, sex linked inheritance, Polygenic and Maternal inheritance. UNIT-I Chromosome structure and replication, DNA Structure, DNA Replication (Prokarytic and Eukaryotic), Inhibitors of DNA replication,...


RTU Syllabus Computer Science Engineering 8th Semester

Mobile Computing Unit-1 Mobile computing: Definitions, adaptability issues (transparency, Environmental Constraints, application aware adaptation), mechanisms for adaptation and incorporating adaptations. Mobility management: mobility management, location management principle and techniques, PCS location management Scheme. Unit-2...