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Engineering Syllabus of major technical universities and colleges


RTU Computer Science Engineering Syllabus 7th Sem 2017

Cloud Computing Unit-1 Introduction Cloud Computing: Nutshell of cloud computing, Enabling Technology, Historical development, Vision, feature Characteristics and components of Cloud Computing. Challenges, Risks and Approaches of Migration into Cloud. Ethical Issue in Cloud...


RTU Computer Science Engineering Syllabus 6th Sem 2017

Computer Networks Unit-1 Network layer-design issue, routing algorithms: Distance vector, link state, hierarchical, Broadcast routing. Congestion control: congestion prevention policies, congestion control in Datagram subnets, load shedding, jitter control, Leaky bucket and token bucket...


RTU Computer Science Engineering Syllabus 5th Sem 2017

Computer Architecture Unit-1 Introduction to Computer Architecture and Organization. Von Neuman Architecture,  Flynn  Classification. Register Transfer and Micro operations: Register transfer language, Arithmetic Micro-operations, Logic Micro-operations, Shift Micro-operations, Bus and memory  transfers. Computer Organization ...


RTU Computer Science Engineering Syllabus 4th Sem 2017

Microprocessor And Interfaces Unit-1 Introduction to Microprocessors, microcontroller; 8085 Microprocessor Architecture, pin description, Bus concept and organization; concept of multiplexing and demultiplexing   of buses; concept of static and dynamic RAM,  type of ROM, memory...