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Previous Year solved Question Papers of Electronics Engineering


Delhi University Question papers 2010 Electrical technology

Delhi University Question papers 2010 B.Tech. Ist Year   ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY (EME-106) Time : 3 hours                                     Maximum Marks : 70 Attempt any five questions. Symbols and notations have their usual meaning. Assume suitable missing data,...


CUSAT previous question Paper 4th sem Thermal Engineering April 2009

CUSAT Thermal Engineering II Question Paper April 2009   BTS(C) -IV-09-0I4-K B. Tech. Degree IV Semester Examination, April 2009 ME 403 THERMAL ENGINEERING II (1999 Scheme) Time: 3 Hours                                   Maximum Marks: 100 I                      (a)...


UPTU previous question papers, BTech VIth Sem Environmental Engineering – I, 2006-07

  UPTU B. Tech. (SEM. VI) EXAMINATION, 2006-07 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING – I Time : 3 Hours Total Marks : 100                                                     Note : (1) Attempt all questions.                                 (2) All questions carry equal marks. 1. Attempt...


JNTU previous papers | B-Tech I-Sem | Thermal science | November 2008

JNTU,B.Tech,I- Semester, THERMAL SCIENCE, November 2008  ( Mechatronics and Production Engineering) SET-1   1. (a) State whether the following properties of a system are intensive or extensive. Give justification: pressure, temperature, mass, density, volume,...