CBSE Class 10 Boards: Social Science sample question paper

The first paper of Class 10 board exams is scheduled to be held on March 1. It is mandatory for students to cover up the entire syllabus so that no important topic is missed and chances of scoring good increases. Here are some important tips for Class 10 Social Science, that will help in scoring … Read more

How to prepare for CBSE class 10th Maths

CBSE ‘s Class X second term exams may seem far off but it’s never too soon to start studying. Maths, a traditionally ‘difficult’ subject is also very scoring. Here are some tips! SYLLABUS: Second term: Algebra (cont.)                                Marks 26 Quadratic Equations Arithmetic Prodressions Commercial Mathematics            Marks 12 Geometry (cont.)                             Marks 22 Circles Constructions Trigonometry (cont.)                      … Read more

Board Exam Preparation For Class 10th & 12th

Board preparation is the most nerve – racking experience for any student. For gaining a better insight into the exam pattern, a huge repository of CBSE previous year’s Solved Board Papers  is provided. You can Prepare Online ,Just Register and Start Using  : CBSE  You can Read Offline On Laptop/Desktop/Andriod Mobile/Tablet :  CCE Short and Long Answer  tests provide … Read more