Biomedical Signal Processing Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 Biomedical Signal Processing Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Departmental Electives (7th Semester)

EC-451 Biomedical Signal Processing [3 0 0 3]

Neurological Signal Processing: The Brain and its potentials; The Electrophysiology origin of brain waves; the EEG Signal and its characterstics; EEG analisis; Linear prediction theory; The autoregressive (AR) method; Transient detection and elimination-the case of epileptic patients.
Adaptive Filter and Algorithm: A Review of the Wiener filtering problem; Principle of an adaptive filter; Steepest – descent algorithm; Windrow-hoff least –mean-square adaptive algorithm.


Cardiological Signal Processing: Basic electrocardiography; ECG data acquisition; ECG lead system; ECG parameters and their estimation; Use of multi-scale analysis for parameters estimation of ECG waveforms.

Adaptive Noise Canceling: Adaptive noise canceller; Cancellation of 60 Hz interference in
electrocardiography, canceling donor heart interference in heart –transplant electrocardiography, cancellation of the electrocardiography signal from the electrical activity of the chest muscles, canceling method to enhance fetal ECG monitoring ECG Recording and Analysis: Long term continuous ECG recording; The wavelet approximation- discrete
wavelet series; Discrete wavelet transform (DWT); Multi-resolution analysis; Pyramid algorithm.


HRV and Arrhythmia analysis: Heart rate variability-definition; comparison of short-term and long term HRV analysis; Time domain and spectral domain parametrs of short term recording.

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