CSVTU Previous Papers BE 2nd Semester Basic Civil Engineering May 2009

CSVTU Previous Papers BE 2nd Semester

Basic Civil Engineering May 2009



Q1 (a) Write four uses of Stones in a building.

(b)    Enumerate the Characteristics of First class bricks for masonry work.

(c)   What the differences between Mild Steel & Tor Steel.

(d)    Compare physical requirement of ordinary portland cement , port land Blast furnace slag cement & port land Pozzolona cement.

Q2 What are the ingradients required in RCC works?

(a)    (i) Write down nominal mix proportion for M 10, M 15 , and M 20.3

(ii)What is curing & how it is done at site?

(b)   (i) Distinguish Between course & fine aggregates with their examples?

(ii)What do you understand by 1:6 cement mortal & how it is prepared in field?

(c)    Draw plan of a room 3×4 m with following data:

Thickness of wall = 30cm

One door (size )= 1.2×2.1 M

One window (size) = 1.5 x 1.2 M

Sunshade projection = 0.45 M

Q3 What do you understand by Local Attraction in Compass Survay?

(a)    Explain direct Ranging and how it is performed in Field.

(b)   Explain in brief:

(i)                  Well Conditioned Triangle.

(ii)                Offsets.

(iii)               Graduated Dial of Prismatic Compass.

(iv)              Quadrantal Bearing.

(c)    The Following Bearings were observed in an open traverse where local attraction is suspected. Correct the bearing for L.A.

LINE                                               F.B.                                                                  B.B.

AB                                            37 degree 30’                                                     219 degree 15’

BC                                             100 degree 45’                                                     278 degree 30’

CD                                             25 degree 45’                                                     207 degree 15’

DE                                             325 degree 45’                                                   145degree 45’


(a)    Explain the relationship between Bubble tube axis, Line of Collimation and Vertical axis.

(b)   The Following Staff readings were taken on 20 M. Interval. The levelling instrument was shifted after fourth and seventh reading. Complete the level book page and apply arithmetical check.

1.735, 1.625, 1.580, 1.125, 1.115, 2.010, 1.325, 1.055, 1.095, 0.995. The first readings was taken on B.M of 317.00 M.

(c) Describe the Characteristics of Contours with Sketches of Pond, Hill, Ridge Valley and     Over hanging Cliff.

(d) (i) Define Contour Interval, Contour Value with a Sketch.

(ii) How temporary adjustment of Dumpy level is performed in Field?


(a)    Explain relationship between Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil, ultimate Bearing Capacity and factor of Safety with their Units.

(b)   Explain in Brief:

(i)                  What is Foundation?

(ii)                Functions of Foundation?

(iii)               Causes of Failure of Foundation?

(iv)              Type of Foundation(Any Three)

(c)    (i) Explain Black Cotton Soil  with its Characteristics.

(ii)     Sketch under – Seamed Pile in B.C. Soil.

(d)   Sketch Foundation for 30 cm thick wall and Plinth Level in 45 cm. above ground Level.

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