Anna University Visual Programming Question Paper

Anna University Visual Programming Question Paper


Time:  3 Hours                                                                                           Max. Marks: 100

Answer All Questions                                                                             PART-A  ( 10 x 2 = 20  Marks)

1. Why does End not terminate an application properly?  End seems to work fine without the extra unload statement.

2. What is the maximum size of an array that VB 6.0 can handle?

3. State the difference between ActiveX EXE and ActiveX DLL in Visual Basic.

4. Does VB do classes or Object Oriented Programming?  I have seen people arguing over whether VB is an object oriented language. What is the answer (and Why)?

5. How do you speed up VB programs?

6. What is the Win32 API?  How does Win 32 differ from the Win 16 API?

7. Should I use Visual C++ or Visual Basic? Which one is better?

8. Define Device Context?

9. What is meant by Handle?

10. Why is a CpaintDC created and used for WM-PAINT messages instead of a normal CDC object?


PART-B  (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11.a)    Develop an application using ADO to update certain fields of passenger details table and to add, delete the records in the database. Display a list of records, which display the name, age and sex of all passengers traveling in a certain train on a particular date.


12.a)i)  Write a calculator program in VB which will let me type in “(1+1)*(2-3)”

(or anything else) and will compute the results by using control arrays.

ii)  Accept a number from the user. Calculate and display the factorial using functions.




12.b)    Write an application that uses the Common Dialog Boxes for Font, Color and File. Also have an option for changing the background color of the form with the color toolbar buttons provided and create a status bar to display the status of CAPSLOCK and NUMLOCK.

13.a)    Build a form which accepts the following details:

*  Customer ID           *  Age

*  Name                       *  City

*  Sex                          *  Phone

And the results should be saved in a text file called “custdetails.txt”. By using Random and Binary File access. Methods to read, write and delete the records in a file.



13.b)    Build a form, which accepts the following details :

*  Employee ID                       *  Employee Name      *  Basic

*  Grade                                  *  HRA                       *  Allowance

The user is allowed to enter the following data :

Employee ID, Name, Basic, Grade

HRA is 40% of Basic

Allowance is   250 for Grade I

500 for Grade II

Develop an ActiveX DLL to calculate the Net Salary.


14.a)    Develop a windows GDI Pen Object application to draw Rectangle, Ellipse and

Line objects and using Brush object to fill the area of the above objects.



14.b)    Develop a Dialog based MFC application which collects subject marks from user for finding grades and total marks of a student.


15.a)    Develop a MFC VC++ application to load a background image (BMP) and erase the image with the other image.



15.b)    Create an application by the name “ODBC_BANK_Appn”. Use the table “Account_Details” in the database “bank.db”. Use the MFC AppWizard to create an application that enables us to browse, add, delete and refresh the records with the menus using ODBC.

Anna University Visual Programming Model Test Paper

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