Anna University Technology of Printing II Model Test Paper

Anna University Technology of Printing II Model Test Paper



Time: 3hrs                                                                                          Max Marks: 100

Answer ALL Questions                                                                 PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

1.What are the thickening agents used in the printing of Polyester.

2.Give a recipe for printing of Polyester.

3.How will you print Nylon with Reactive dyes.

4.How printing of Nylon differs from that of dyeing.

6.Preparation of silk for printing.

7.How will you print silk and wool with natural dyes.

8.What are the mixture of dyes available for P/C blend printing.

9.What are the various methods of fixation of prints on Polyester.

10.What are the various printing paper for Transfer printing.

11.What are the machines used for Transfer printing.


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)


11.i) Explain the selection criteria of dyes used in printing of Polyester fabrics.   (7)

ii) Give a note on shop floor practices of polyester printing.                              (6)

iii)State the recent development made in polyester printing.                              (3)


12.a)i)  How do you prepare polyamide material for printing? Explain.                    (6)

ii)  How do you print nylon fabrics with disperse dyes? Explain.                       (7)

iii)  List out the fixation techniques used in printing of polyamides.                   (3)



12.b)i)  How print paste formulation of acrylic differs from that of polyamide?       (4)

ii)  Write a note on process and quality control in polyamide printing.               (6)

iii)  How do you print acrytic material with cationic dyes? Explain with a recipe.(6)


13.a)i)  Explain the problems and remedies of silk printing.                                       (6)

ii)  What are the dyes used for printing of silk?                                                   (3)

iii)  Explain the new development taken place in printing of silk.                        (7)




13.b)i)  How do you prepare wool for printing?                                                         (6)

ii)  What are the shop floor practices of wool printing? Explain.                        (6)

iii)  Explain briefly the ecological consideration made in printing of protein fibres. (4)


14.a)i)  How preparation of P/C blend fabrics for printing differs from that of 100% polyester fabrics? Explain.                                                                           (6)

ii)  How do you print polyester/wool fabrics? Explain with a recipe.

iii)  List out the print paste ingredients for printing on polyester/cotton fabrics. (4)



14.b)i)  Explain about carbonized print.                                                                      (6)

ii)  What are the printing styles applied on blended materials.                            (4)

iii)  Explain various fixation and after treatments carried out on printing blend fabrics.



15.a)i)  Explain transfer printing concept with a neat sketch.                                     (7)

ii)  How do your select paper, ink and dyes for transfer printing? Explain.        (6)

iii)  List out the materials used for carpet printing.                                               (3)




15.b)i)  Explain application of foam in textile printing.                                              (6)

ii)  Explain the concept of printing of yarn web with an illustration.                  (6)

iii)  What are the machineries used for carpet printing?                                        (4)


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