Anna University Special Steels and Non Ferrous Alloys Model Paper

Anna University Special Steels and Non Ferrous Alloys Model Paper



TIME – 3 Hours                                                                    MAXIMUM : 100 Marks

PART – A                           (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1.Give four application of HSLA steels.

2.Give the purpose of vanadium and chromium addition to cool steels

3.What are the application of Aluminum Lithium alloys?

4.Why magnesium alloys gaining importance in automotive applications?

5.Distinguish between brass and bronze.

6.Write the chemical composition of naval brass and mention an important characteristic of it.

7.What are babbits?

8.What are hasfield steels and mention an important application ?

9.Why it is difficult to work harden lead at room temperature?

10.What are super alloys?


PART – B                              (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11. Discuss the important properties, composite applications and

      limitations of ferritic, austenitic, martensitic, precipitation

      hardenable stainless steels.                                                                 (4×4=16)

12.(a) (i) Discuss the phase diagram of copper rich portion of

               copper –zinc system.                                                                  (10)

(ii) Write a brief note on properties and applications of

metallic copper.                                                                                         (6)


( OR )


b) (i) Write a short essay on tin bronze.                                                        (8)

(ii) Discuss the properties, applications and  composition of

Cu – Ni and Cu – Cr alloys.                                                                   (8)


13a) (i) Write the classification of aluminum alloys and briefly

discuss the alloy designation and temper designation.                     (8)

(ii) Discuss the different steps in the age hardening of

aluminum alloys.                                                                                    (8)


( OR)


b) (i) Give the composition, properties, applications and limitation

         of any two magnesium based alloys.                                                   (8)

(ii) How are titanium alloys classified?                                                     (4)

(iii) Write a brief note on titanium aluminide                                             (4)


14.a)(i) Discuss Nickel based super alloys with reference to alloying

elements, strengthening mechanisms, properties and application (12)

(ii) Write a brief note on Nickel Aluminates                                               (4)


( OR )


b) (i) Discuss the use of Zn in  corrosion protection of ferrous

materials and its alloys in die casting  applications.                         (8)

(ii) Write short notes on bearing metals and solders                              (8)


15.a)  Write short note on the following.

(i) Tools Steels                                                                                             (6)

(ii) HSLA Stells                                                                                           (6)

(iii) Transformer steels                                                                              (4)


( OR )


b) Discuss in detail the engineering properties and applications

of noble metals and their alloys.                                                            (16)

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