Anna University Question Paper Principles of Management

       Anna University Question Paper Principles of Management

Principles of management

Time: 3hrs

Max. Marks: 100

Answer all Questions

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1. What is a social audit?

2. What is Premising?

3. Distinguish between strategy and policy.

4. Define Decision – making.

5. Define Departmentation.

6. What is Performance Appraisal?

7. What are the three Leadership styles?

8. Define controlling.

9. What is International Business?

10. Mention the forms of International Business.

11. Explain the existing theories of Motivation.           (16)

12.a)    Describe different approaches to management.       (16)

12.b)i)  Explain the steps in Planning.            (8)

ii)  Explain the process of management by objectives.             (8)

13.a)i)  Explain Line and Staff authority.            (8)

ii)  Explain functional Departmentation.          (8)

Table of Contents


13.b)i)  What is system approach to human resources management?             (8)

ii)  Explain selection process and techniques.       (8)


14.a) What are the factors that determine an effective organizational span?         (16)


14.b)i)  Explain basic control process.        (8)

ii)  Explain the tools and techniques for improving productivity.         (8)


15.a)i)  What are the assumptions in the principle of preventive control? Also state the advantages of preventive control.                                                                                    (8)

ii)  Compare and contrast the Japanese and American styles of management with respect to the planning and controlling functions of management                                                 (8)


15.b)i)  Explain the advantages of multinational corporations                                                (8)


ii)  Explain the International Business Environment.                                                       (8)

Anna University Question Paper Principles of Management

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