Anna University Previous Year Question Paper – I SEM – English




First Semester

                                                        HS 041 – ENGLISH – I

Time  :   Three Hours                                                               Maximum  :     100 Marks

Answer ALL questions.

                                              PART A – (10 X 2 = 20 Marks)

   1.      Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B:


             A                               B


(a)     amalgamation                                           giving out rays

(b)     chip                                                           bringing together

(c)     radiation                                                    getting completely exhausted

(d)     depletion                                                    device composed of silicon



2.      Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the comparative forms of the adjectives given in brackets:


(a)     Diesel is ____________ (heavy) than petrol.

(b)     Diesel costs _________ (little) than petrol

(c)     Pressurised heavy water reactor is _________ (small) than fast breeder reactor, and is, therefore ________ (compact) than the other



3.Write definitions of the following in a sentence each:


(a)     A Tour


(b)     A Computer

4.      Complete the following sentences suitably:

(a)      If there had been no rains last month __________________

(b)      If there were no politicians to tempt people ______________

5.      Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of words:


            Adjectives                  Nouns              Opposites (nouns)                      


Pure                            _______                   ___________

__________                __________             Abnormality

__________                Reliability                  __________

__________                __________             Indestructibility


6.      Fill in the blanks in the following passage with the appropriate forms of the verbs given in brackets:


I __________(be) an employee of the Central Government.  I            (start) my career in Bombay in 1955.  In 1970 I               (get) a transfer to Calcutta.  Now I    ___       (work) in Chennai.

7.A compound noun such as power source can be expanded as a source of power.

Similarly expand the following compound nouns using suitable prepositions.


(a)     Mains electricity

(b)     A control centre

(c)      The research laboratory

(d)     A water truck


8.      Edit the following passage:


The aim of the authors are to describe about the benifits in computerization and to suggest solutions to the problem of unemployment.


9.      Punctuate the following:


are there any advantages in the computerization of work in large establishments if so what are they


10.Add suitable endings to the following words to form adjectives:

(a)    (i)      suburb

(ii)      continue

(iii)      retract

(iv)      vigour

(b)     Use two of the adjectives you’ve formed in sentences of your own.


PART B  –  (5 x 16Marks = 80Marks)

11.      Read the following report and answer the questions that follow it :

It has always been clear, of course that a properly designed media programme uses press, posters, printed leaflets and so on in proportions suitable to the nature of the product itself.  In such a programme television occupies a relatively important place if the product is sold in small quantities, at a low price to the vast mass of the people.  It is regarded as a quick acting medium, peculiarly suited to prompting ‘impulse purchases’.


Larger items, such as cars and refrigerators, may be more profitably advertised in the press or other media which are examined in greater detail and more at leisure than television ‘commercials’ can possibly be.  Nevertheless, in most mass advertising campaigns, the media are used in combination with each other, in proportions which tend to be more and more carefully, and even scientifically, determined.


It is significant, in this connection, that the poster medium and outdoor advertising generally, are now staging something of a recovery, after sustaining what at first looked like being a severe blow at the time of the introduction of commercial television into the United Kingdom in 1955.


Media planning is only one of the branches of the British advertising business, where more exact methods of measurement and the close study of statistical data have made considerable headway in recent years.  The marketing and research departments of the advertisers themselves, and of the agents who act as middlemen between advertisers and media owners in the case of more than 50 percent of British advertising business, are constantly expanding.  These departments have for sometime included a number of University graduates.  Usually with particular qualification in statistics and the movement of University trained men into advertising, the business is growing as is the study of advertising problems in the universities themselves, particularly in the departments of economics, psychology and sociology.


(a)        Read the text and  complete the following sentences choosing one of the options given below each sentence


1.      A properly designed media programme uses


a)      television – if the commodity is produced on a large scale.

b)      different sources of media according to the type of the product.

c)      a media which depends on the impulse.


2.      The producers advertise larger items


a)      on television ‘commercial’ to appeal to the people.

b)      in press so that the customer may see details leisurely.

c)      to make profit through poster advertisement


3.      The poster medium and outdoor advertisement


a)      were started in the United Kingdom in 1955.

b)      are again becoming popular these days.

c)      nowadays depend upon commercial television.


4.      British advertising business


a)      is one of the branches of media planning.

b)      has a close study of roads and ways in recent years.

c)      studies closely measuring methods of advertisement.


5.      The marketing and research departments of advertisers


a)      have employed a number of university graduates.

b)      have appointed 50 percent middlemen.

c)      have started departments of economics, psychology and sociology.


6.      The advertising agents act as middlemen between


a)      university students and advertisers.

b)      media owners and economists.

c)      those who are interested in advertising and those who own the media.


b)         Give the most suitable meanings of the following words as they are used in the text choosing from the lists given below


1.      Nevertheless


(i)      neverbefore                (ii)     never                  (iii)    however


2.      severe blow


(i)      air                                (ii)     a hard hit            (iii)    a fight


3.      sociology


(i)      a study of ecology.

(ii)     a study of the nature and development of society.

(iii)    a study of the history of a nation.


4.      headway


(i)      progress in difficult circumstances.

(ii)     the path of the leader.

(iii)    the movement of one’s head.


5.      in proportions


(i)      in parts.

(ii)     in correct relation to other things.

(iii)    in proper terms.


6.      a close study


(i)      a thorough, detailed study.

(ii)     a study of secret material.

(iii)      the end of reading.


c) Read the text and answer the following questions:

1.What are the different media available for advertising products?

2.When were the poster medium and outdoor advertising affected terribly?

3.What are the reasons for the growth in advertising?

12.      (a)        Imagine that you have acquired a personal computer.  Write a letter to your friend describing how you enjoy using it.




(b)        Imagine that you visited a factory where you had a chance to observe an industrial robot at work.  Write a letter to your friend describing what you saw.












13.      (a)        Look at the following bar chart which describes the expenditure on education and defence as percentages of the total expenditure incurred by different countries.  Write a paragraph presenting the information contained in it using expressions of comparison.




(b)  Look at the following bar chart which describes the sales figures of products A and B for the period from January to June in respect of a firm.  Write a paragraph presenting the information contained in it using expressions of comparison.

14.  (a) Write a paragraph of about 200 words comparing the life in a village with that in a city.




(b) Do you think that the introduction of computers in industries will lead to unemployment?         Express your ideas in a paragraph of about 200 words.


15.  (a) Write a set of eight recommendations that will help the public save petrol.



(b) Write a set of eight recommendations that should be followed to save water.


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