Anna University Previous question papers-B Tech-VI-Semester-Automotive Pollution And Control




                                                                                                         PART – A                                                                                                              (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)



1.What is meant by emission and pollution from an automobile ?

2. What is reason for carbon monoxide formation in SI engines ?

3. How unburned hydrocarbons are formed in SI engines ?

4. Draw the equilibrium and kinetic curves of nitric oxide formation in SI engines.

5. What is the reason behind the black smoke formation in direct injection diesel engine ?

6. Draw the effect of rate of injection on smoke formation in diesel engines.

7. What is meant by PCV systems? What for it is used in IC engines ?

8. Draw the efficiency curve for a catalytic converter with respect to air / fuel ratio.

9. What is meant by CVS system ? What for it is used ?

10. What is meant by FID ? What for it is used ?

PART – B                        (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)

11. Explain in detail about the effect of combustion time and spark timing on Nitric oxide formation in spark ignition engine.

12. a) Explain in detail about the effect of engine load and spark timing on UBHC formation in SI engines.

( OR )

b) Explain the various design and operating variables that, affect HC formation in SI engines.

13. a) With a neat illustration, explain the theory of spray formation, combustion and emission formation in diesel engines.

( OR )

b) With an appropriate illustration, explain the effect of engine speed, combustion time and cetane number on nitric oxide formation in diesel engine

14. a) What is meant by EGR? What for it is used? Explain the method with a neat schematic diagram. Also draw its emission reduction characteristics.

( OR )

b) Explain in detail about a three way catalytic converter with a neat sketch.  Also explain the mechanism behind the carbon monoxide and UBHC oxidation and nitric oxide reduction.

15. a) Explain the construction, working and limitations of Chemiluminescent detector. What for it is used?

( OR )

b) Explain the CVS-3 system with a neat illustration. What for it is used? Also write the FTP for taking emission sample from a vehicle.

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