Anna University Previous question papers-B.Arch-VI-Semester- Architectural Design




i)Six hours enlodged on the first day & on the second day two session of 3 hours each

ii)The conceptual scheme shall be submitted on the first day which will not be returned

iii)Serious departures from the first day concept are not permitted

iv)No drawings, notes connected with examination shall be taken out or brought from the exam hall during the course of the examination.

v)Butter paper, tracing paper, thick cartridge drawing sheet shall be supplied.

vi)Answer any one question.


(A) A promoter wishes to develop his lands near Mahabalipuram as a beach resort, which is facing backwaters on southern side and Eastern coast road on the western side. It is about 50kms from Madras and about 20kms from Mahabalipuram, in the Madras Mahabalipuram road. The site plan is enclosed herewith. The resorts will have about 60 rooms in all with all modern amenities with international standards. In addition, about 15% will be of cottage type. There should be provision for adding another 40 rooms at a later date in the same site. Any addition should be integrated with the existing hotel. In order to provide recreational activity, boating in the backwaters is to be accommodated.


The following are the requirements identified for the beach resort:

1)Entrance porch for 2 cars

2)Lounge with reception, toilets, etc. – 1000sq.m.

3)Shops – 10 nos. each 10sq.m.

4)Resort manager – 20sq.m(+ 1toilet of 5sq.m)

5)Office – 40sq.m

6)House keeping – 15aq.m

7)Store room – 10sq.m

8)Chinese restaurant – 50aq.m

9)Continental restaurant – 100sq.m

10)Sea foods restaurant – 50sq.m

11)Bar to accommodate 50 persons at a time

12) A swimming pool with diving facility and changing rooms and lawn.

13)Laundry – 100sq.m(sorting, washing, pressing, store) + drying yard

14)Central kitchen of 50sq.m in addition

i) Bottle store – 15sq.m

ii)Grocery store – 25sq.m

iii)Baking/ice cream store – 15sq.m

iv)Cold storage – 10sq.m (meat and poultry store)

15)Staff room with toilet for gents and ladies – 30sq.m + toilet (8sq.m)

16)Electrical room – 20sq.m

17) A/C plant room – 40sq.m

18)Boiler room – 15sq.m

19)Caretaker room (80sq.m) and 10 servants/security/maintenance quarters of 50sq.m each may be given.

20) Adequate parking for the guests and hotel staff may be given

i)  Bus – 2nos.

ii) Cars – 50 nos.

iii) Two wheelers – 50 nos.

iv) Cycles – 20 nos.

21)Cottages may each be 50sq.m each

22)Deluxe rooms may be 30sq.m each

23)Banquet hall – 1000sq.m which can be divisible into smaller areas


Apart from the general requirements, the following are the services required:

a) All the rooms are centrally air-conditioned

b) Covered space for parking 5 boats in the water.

c) Room services of food is to be provided.

Any other amenity required for a luxury beach resort may be included


The drawings to be submitted:


1.Site plan showing all blocks – Scale: 1:500

2.Floor plans – Scale 1:100

3.Elevations – Scale : 1:100 and 2 sections – Scale : 1: 100

4.An exterior view to explain the design / detail of any component


(B)   As most of the colleges in Madras are concentrated in south, it is proposed to put up  a art and science college in north Madras in the site shown offering undergraduate courses to start with. It is anticipated about 40% of the students will stay in hostel. It is co-educational in character catering to students who opt for art and science  branch. It is also proposed to have all facilities for the smooth and effective functioning of the college. It is proposed to have the following branches.

1.Mathematics Department

2.Physics Department

3.Chemistry Department

4.Zoology Department

5.Botany Department

7.History Department

8.Geography Department

9.Commerce Department

10.English Department

11.Tamil Department
12.Computer Science Department

It is required that the students analyze and arrive at the spatial requirement for very intensive, modern, inter-active learning process.


Following are the requirements:

I. Department











11.Computer Science


Total strength of the college : 660


Classrooms, laboratories, lecture rooms are requirements in each department.


  • Lecture hall = 60 students
  • Seminar hall / Classrooms = 30 students
  • Head of the Department = 10sq.m
  • Staff room = 4sq.m per teacher


  1. II Science and Humanities Department


  • Mathematics }

Physics         }  2 lecture halls, 3 classrooms, 3 labs

Chemistry     }


  • Botany   } 1 lecture hall, 2 classrooms and 2 labs

Zoology }

  • Herbarium = 40sq.m and space for gardening = 150sq.m
  • Computer Science = 1 lab with 40 terminals (flexibility for making into two classrooms)

= 2 lecture halls

= 3 classrooms

  • Languages

English } 1 lecture hall, 4 classrooms

Tamil    }


III.     Library

  • 1,00,000 books
  • 1000 journals

100 students at a time to be accommodated in the reading area.


The drawing to be submitted:


1.Site plan shoeing all blocks – Sclae: 1:500

2.Floor plans – Scale 1:100

3.2 Elevations – Scale : 1:100 and 2 sections – Scale : 1: 100

4.An exterior view to explain to explain the design/detail of any component



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