Anna University Previous question papers-B Arch-History of Architecture-V-Semester

                                                   Anna University Previous question papers

                                                     ,         History Of Architecture – V

                                                     B. Arch.  Degree Examination, V Semester



         PART –A  (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

1.What are the features of 19th century Neo–classical architecture? List a few Examples.

2.Briefly discuss two of Boulles unrealized projects.

3.What are the ideals of Art Nouveau movement and the features of its architecture.

4.Explain the qualities of art that arouse of  New objectivity proposed by De Stijl.

5.Discuss the salient Feature of futurist Manifesto.

6.What do you understand by the term Suprematism? Explain it with examples.

7.Briefly discuss F.L. Wrights view on organic architecture.

8.What are considered as Corbusiers five principles of design?

9.Discuss the origins of ‘International Style’and what you think is the leitmotif of this style?

10.What do you understand by term Indo–Sarcenic Architecture? Explain it with an example.

                                        PART – B  (5 x 16 = 80 marks)

(Q.No. 11 is Compulsory)


11 List Adolf Loos arguments against ornamentation and relate it to the then Prevalent notions of modernism. Explain some of these points with reference to his architectural works.


12.a)    What was the role of Industrial Exhibitions of 19th and 20th centuries in the evolution of modern architecture? Discuss four of the landmark structures that were part of the exhibitions and their impact.


12.b)    Compare the works and ideas of Boulle and Ledoux. Discuss the influence of these ideas in the formation of ideas about Modern Architecture’.

13.a)    Discuss the ideas and works of Antonio Gaudi.


13.b)    What was the objectives and role of CIAM? Discuss some of the key ideas proposed and propagated in the various CIAM congresses.


14.a)    Discuss the origins, objectives and impact of Bauhaus School of architecture.


14.b)    Discuss Lutyens proposal for New Delhi as a part of the Imperial Vision imposed on India.


15.a)    How did Alvar Alto contributed to National Romanticism in Scandinavian architecture through his works – Illustrate.


15.b)    What do you understand by the terms Super – annuated monumentality and Monumentalisation of vernacular? Illustrate.


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