Anna University Multimedia Systems Model Question Paper

Anna University Multimedia Systems Model Question Paper



Time:  Three Hours                                                                      Maximum : 100 Marks


Answer All The Questions

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1.         Define multimedia. State the elements of multimedia.

2.         What is bitmap? Sate the different ways of making bitmap.

3.         Name few locator input devices.

4.         Give an account on multimedia workstation.

5.         Differentiate DDE and OLE?

6.         State the issues to be considered in Multimedia presentation?

7.         What are the main topological features of FDDI?

8.         Name the tools of collaborative computing.

9.         What are the characteristics of real time systems?

10.       Write about quick time


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11.i)     Explain with neat diagram the various functions of multimedia development systems.                                                                                                               (6)

ii)     Differentiate between MIDI and Digital Audio                                                   (5)

iii)     Explain the working of Video with neat diagram.                                                (5)


12.a)    Write notes on the following

i)     SCSI                                                                                            (6)

ii)     IDE                                                                                             (4)

iii)     MCI                                                                                           (6)




12.b)    Account on the following:

i) CD Technologies   ii) Communication Devices                                             (8+8)


13.a)    Discuss in detail about the various multimedia authoring tools.                         (16)




13.b)i)  Explain image editing tools in detail.                                                                    (8)


ii)  Account on multimedia document architecture                                                     (4)


iii)  Give a brief note on NHEG standard.                                                                               (4)


14.a)    How will you manage resources during Multimedia Transmission – Explain.  (16)



14.b)    Discuss in detail about the notion of Synchronization.                                       (16)


15.a)i)  Explain the characteristics of MDBMS                                                               (10)


ii)  Describe process management in detail                                                                 (6)




15.b)    Explain in detail about management of multimedia file systems.                       (16)



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